Top 10 tech blog posts of 2018

2018/ 28/12

It is hard to constantly keep up with all the latest technology trends, but we are always here to help you with that!

We continued to bring you the greatest news about technology through 2018. To close the year, we gathered together the top 10 posts, which attracted the most visitors.

Don't be left behind - if you did not have time to read any of them, here is your chance!


AR, VR, MR: generated realities – which one is which?

Virtual, augmented, mixed reality - three terms that have become an important part of the tech world today. But what do they mean exactly? This article helps you come to terms with all these concepts.

Many companies have already recognised the importance of chatbots, because you can provide a faster and simpler service for your clients with them. Why is it worth it to improve chatbots further and make them voice controlled?




Blockchain: past, present and future

The technology behind Bitcoin called blockchain keeps raising a lot of questions today. We hope that this article can answer all your questions about this mysterious cryptocurrency.

The use of Augmented Reality is becoming more and more widespread in both everyday life and business. What are the most promising solutions of this technology?





Natural Language Processing: what is it and how can you put it to use?

Natural Language Processing has an enormous role when it comes to either chatbots or translation softwares. In this article you can get more information on this technology.

What tools do analysts prefer? Python vs. R: what's the difference? Take a closer look at our article to find out the answers to the most exciting questions in data science.




First steps towards digital transformation

Only a part of ​​digital transformation applies to business, but the fastest and largest revolution is expected in this field. This process can be considered as a kind of business transformation, so it is understandable why some use the term of digital business transformation. But how can someone begin his journey on the path of digital transformation? What are the steps that in an influential role you can take so that your business can start on this development track?

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most popular expressions nowadays and it is slowly infiltrating our everyday life. Just think of Alexa, or Siri and the many anonymous AI solutions that work for us in the background. Numerous people claim that the role and importance of Artificial Intelligence can exceed the steam engine’s, but which areas will be transformed first? How can AI change our everyday life?






A world where 80% of parcels are delivered by autonomous vehicles

This could be the title of a futuristic novel – but it is not. The first tests are already in progress with self-driving taxis and delivery vehicles. Let's see what the future can bring.

Online commerce is becoming more and more widespread. A crucial part of e-commerce is the delivery of the goods. How does digitalisation change the challenges and possibilities of delivery?



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