Business and IT consultancy

Unlock the possibilities of your business

Whatever your company goals are, our expert consultants will help you achieve them. Be it strategic planning, workflow improvement, tender writing or IT consultancy, we are going to find a solution which best fits your needs. Thanks to the wide spectrum of our consultancy services, nothing is impossible for us: we can find you a solution to any business or IT related problem; and to do that, we use the best techniques used in Hungary and worldwide.


Our consultancy services

strategic planning

Strategic planning

What next? The first step towards creating a business strategy is to analyse the company’s market situation, and evaluate its position concerning opportunities for growth. Besides that, we define the short-term and long-term goals of the company, along with the duties in order to achieve them. After specifying the new strategy, we create the business plan for the company, focusing on the desired results. We provide continuous support for our clients to help them accomplish the strategy, putting emphasis on the necessary milestones within the procedure.

IT consultancy

IT consultancy

Within our IT consultancy services, we assess the business problem you have to face and create a plan that suits best your company’s needs. With the help of wireframes and prototypes we are able to demonstrate the details of the concept and the design as well as the fuctions of the desired system even before we start the developing process.

process design

Process design, workflow optimisation

Not efficient enough? We examine the business process of your company, and determine the steps needed to overcome the flaws in the operations. With the use of flowcharts and diagrams, we demonstrate the business process, and identify any errors within it. Our expert consultants help you optimise business operations with their ideas and suggestions - for an efficient and cost-effective workflow.

digitalisation consultancy

Digitalisation consultancy

Too much paperwork to handle? We create a plan for the complete digitalisation of all paper-based operations within your company. Thanks to our customisable smart business solutions (such as electronic document management, e-signature and e-invoicing), you can achieve faster and more cost-efficient operations.

digitalisation consultancy

Innovation consulting

We aim to identify new business areas and assess how your company can further your development by innovation on the most important areas of digital economy. Our innovation consultants have the skills to differentiate between fool’s gold and the real diamond of innovation, and implement the ideas that fit exactly your company’s size, profile, customers and people.

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tender consultancy

Tender consultancy

Within our tender consultancy services, we are able to create complete development concepts and project plans, as well as compiling the complete tender application file and the documentation related to it.

UX design

UX design

Not enough users? We help you plan the user experience, and choose the best and most up-to-date development process tailored for your needs. We also assess any deficiencies in the system and help you overcome them. Be it a mobile application, a web application or any other software development, we can also assess its feasibility on the market once the idea is drafted.


Our results

  • Growth in efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Clear and simplified operations
  • More successful presence on the market
  • Faster operations within the company
  • Achieved goals