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Régens is not your typical ICT company 

We offer a friendly and open environment based on professionalism.

We have offices in Budapest, Szeged, London — giving our employees the opportunity to do rotations in different places, for a more well-rounded work environment and to gain international experience.

We welcome experience from different industries and countries as an opportunity for our employees to shape strategy moving forward.

Régens' offices are in Budapest (HU), Szeged (HU) and London (UK)
Our employees are our most valuable assets

We believe strongly in continuous learning, training and development, whether you stay with Régens long term or are just looking to get some hands on experience during your studies.

In addition to permanent positions, we have a fun and challenging trainee program for students and recent graduates who want to gain real world, project-based experience.

Opportunities for both experienced professionals and trainees are available for those with a keen interest or experience in...



Would you like to join our team?

We are constantly looking for talented developers, IT experts and economists. Be a university student, a career-starter or an experienced professional, we are sure you could make a great part of our team. If you are interested, send your CV to