Mobile development

Mobile development

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Régens is aware that HTML is not enough for all mobile problems and continously invests in native mobile application development competences. Native applications for iOS and Android have better performance, usability, and efficiency than web browsing on a mobile device.

We actively use solid development conventions, apply app testing tools for ensuring high quality and incorporate analytic tools to receive precious usage feedback from app users.

Whether you are looking for an enterprise or a consumer mobile app, iOS or Android, Régens will take you step by step through our development cycle, so that you are getting the features, functionality, and security you need. 

Régens' mobile application development process

1 needs assesment

use cases, target audience, application goals

Régens' mobile application development process

2 UX design

wireframes, prototypes

Régens' mobile application development process

3 development

UI elements, functions, performance, platforms, analytics, testing, QA

Régens' mobile application development process

4 publication

app marketplace (Google Play or App Store) certification and deployment

Régens' mobile application development process

5 app lifecycle management

collecting analytics, feedbacks, implementing neccesary and agreed modifications

We offer native mobile application development services for Android and iOS platforms.


  • Mobile UI design
  • Mobile website optimization
  • Enterprise app development
  • Consumer app development

EAT! The Food Allergy Map

“Map search for allergen-free diets. Find it, taste it, rate it!”

By developing this application our aim is to make the lives of people on a special diet simpler. Right now you can look for restaurants based on six different food allergies (e.g. lactose or gluten intolerance) in our app. Thanks to the built-in route planner you can get to the chosen place straight away.

Featured functions:

  • search based on allergens or location
  • rating of restaurants
  • add your own place
  • list of “favourites”
EAT! The Food Allergy Map


The project Fit-Test studies the fitness and health data of about 5,000 students. Being a difficult task for such a large number of people, data capture had to be supported by an easy-to-use, ergonomic tablet application.  The app for Android-based tablets that enables school nurses and PE teachers in the Fit-Test project to capture measurement data on the sports field, making their job smooth and comfortable. The Fit-Test app has become extremely successful among users.

Featured functions:

  • Bluetooth integration to electronic blood pressure device
  • Offline data entry
  • Adaptive user forms


ÚtON is a long-awaited app designed to make drivers’ lives easier with tracking current and upcoming service and maintenance events. Close-by service stations can also be searched in the twinkling of an eye.

Featured functions:

  • Maintenance register
  • Smart tips for maintenance, agenda alerts
  • Map search
  • Vehicle recall alerts


SmartInventory is an easy-to-use app helping to keep track of users’ inventory items. The app is a perfect fit for small businesses letting them forget about paper based inventory lists and manage their stock easily and efficiently.

Featufed functions:

  • Built-in barcode scanner
  • Photo upload from gallery
  • Shopping lists
  • Quick search


With Spot.Bunch app you can make the most of the world around you. Users can get informed in a snap about big discounts, newly opened bars, or legendary parties happening right in their neighborhood. 

Featufed functions:

  • Sharing opinion, photos and favourite places
  • Check-ins
  • Private groups and lists


Popularization of bringing your own mobile devices (BYOD) to the workplace made us create the mobile version of SMARTNET, our successful enterprise collaboration software. With iOS or Android SMARTNET app you can have your entire knowledge base of clients, partners, events, projects, emails and even blogs at your fingertips.

Featured functions:

  • Advanced project and event management
  • Effective CRM module
  • Content module (files, featured emails)
  • Social capabilities (blogs, comments)

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