System integration

System integration

System integration

Enhance your corporate workflows with our system integration services!

We create complex and comprehensive IT infrastructures by uniting the functional and technical features of various components, thus supporting the most effective operation possible.

In the age of digital transformation, it is more and more indispensable to have a transparent and automatic system that highly supports the cooperation of software and hardware components taking the requirements of the given industry into account. By transforming your business needs into IT requirements, our professionals help you to create a solid system that supports your corporate workflows and your colleagues’ work as much as possible.


The advantages of an integrated system

A system integration done with the right expertise
can lead to competitive-edge in many ways



If the system components work together in a coordinated way to perform the same tasks, a much higher efficiency can be reached.


By connecting the components they can be managed together, thus a comprehensive view can be gained about the functionality and operation of the whole system.


Creating interconnected ERP systems makes automatic data forwarding possible, which minimizes the time needed for administration and the chance of any mistake.


With professional security measures you can create a standardized defensive system against external threats and shutdowns.

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Main services provided within system integration


  • Needs assessment
  • System audit
  • Consultation: integration of IT systems and business processes
  • Planning and arranging pilot projects prior to investment
  • Planning, implementing, supporting and operating IT systems
    • Physical networks: integrating active and passive network components
    • System surveillance
    • Backup management
    • User permissions (Windows Active Directory)
    • Mailing servers (Microsoft Exchange, Office365)
    • Server and client operating systems
    • IT security systems: firewalls, spam filters, malware defence, virtual networks (VPN), background and content security, VoIP security, mobile and endpoint security, strong authentication and verification management, risk analysis, ethical hacking.
  • Migration of IT solutions
    • Migration to different operation environment
    • Migration according to different business and technological expectations
  • Planning and implementing custom-tailored communication solutions
    • Among existing software modules
    • Simultaneously with creating new software modules
  • Implementation:
    • Setting up
    • Configuration
    • Testing
    • Fine-tuning
  • Support: we provide operational and user support after implementation
  • Acquisition, transportation and installation of hardwares and softwares with user trainings
  • Server virtualization (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V)
  • Comprehensive completion of cloud (AWS, Azure) transformations
  • Planning of systems with high level of availability
  • Creating the required documentations



Our company has decades of experience in planning, implementing and operating complex IT environments, auditing and integrating systems and their components for SMEs, large enterprises and governmental institutions.

System integration ref

Integration at the central logistics system of DHL Express

Within this project we created a strong integration between the central logistics system of DHL Express and Régens CustomRs customs clearance software solution. The development of the unique customs administration application helps the financial department to fulfil the customs payment obligations without any delay or error. As a result of the integration consignment information recorded in the national system of DHL Express are available immediately in the customs software for the customs administrators.

Integration at the central logistics system of DHL Express

SAP integration for GYSEV CARGO

Régens was charged by GYSEV CARGO with the optimization of their commision management workflow. The company uses the well-know SAP ERP system besides Régens logistics systems. With the comprehensive integration of the systems mentioned, data entry and administrative tasks became a lot easier, and therefore the chance of any mistake was lowered. The communication between the departments became faster and more reliable.

SAP integration for GYSEV CARGO

Creating a complex integration solution for Weskamp Bt.

Weskamp Bt. entrusted Régens with the creation of a complex integration solution, that effectively supports the customs clearance process of the materials and vehicles imported and produced by Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. It was essential for the requested solution to provide an automated data connection, complete up-to-date legal compliance, transparency and high data security. Furthermore, the company required advanced customer service, customer support and high level of availability.

Creating a complex integration solution for Weskamp Bt.
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