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The primary aims of our service

What audit services can you choose from?

Why choose our Systems and Software Audit service?

Complementary audit services


With the advance of technology nowadays (the introduction of cloud-based services, the spread of IoT devices, Big Data etc.), the IT systems that define the life of an enterprise have access to more and more external links. The solution for real innovation and fast development is an open IT system – however, an open system is less controllable and has a number of security risks. The communication platforms that more and more poeple have access to can endanger the confidential information of a company.

In today’s rapidly developing and ever changing world, it is crucial that enterprises consciously pay attention to the security of their IT systems: they must be aware of the security risks concerning them, and be able to take the appropriate steps against them. And to do that, a full systems and software audit done by an unbiased expert can be an excellent solution.

If you have any of those questions above, Régens’ system and software audit service is an efficient and simple solution. When completed, you will not only have a complete picture of the current state of of your systems, but with the help of our professional consultants we can guarantee the conditions of total IT security, so you can preserve your company’s values.

The primary aims of our service

  • Examining and evaluating the IT systems and practices used at the company from the aspects of data security and data consistency.
  • Identifying the risks that pose a threat on enterprise information, and working out strategies to minimise those risks.
  • Providing the legal compliance of management processes taking into account IT-related laws and regulations.
  • Identifying and terminating IT processes that obstruct efficient and successful management.

What audit services can you choose from?


forráskód szintű ellenőrzés

Source code review

For whom?

We recommend this to any company using a top priority bespoke software in order to help business operations.


What does it include?

Our professional team reviews and evaluates the source code based on programming technology aspects. During the evaluation of the code basis, we detect whether there are problematic or dangerous solutions in the code from a software development point of view. We also find out whether the source code complies with programming conventions. The audit process is helped by interviews we conduct with the developers in order to get to know the original development methodology and conventions used when the software had been written.

In order to validate IT security on the level of the source code, we examine (with specific measurements and control applications) whether the code basis includes risky or dangerous code parts (back door, data leakage, whether functional and data checks are easy to circumvent) and whether it is protected against possible attacks (e.g. SQL injection, the vulnerability of third-party modules, authentication, password management, session hijacking, direct resource access).


adatbázis szintű ellenőrzés

Database review

For whom?

We recommend it for those companies using sensitive data related to personal or business information, who want to provide or evaluate the secure storage, migration or everyday use of their data.


What does it include?

During the process, our experts examine whether the company’s database complies with today’s expectations from the aspects of data and transaction management, the efficiency of queries, and competition handling. The audit also includes the security of data stored in the database, plus the consistency and the structure of those data. If needed, we also give advice on how to clear the data in the database.

If you need to migrate (read or lift) a significant amount of data, the database-level audit can be a solution in order to plan and carry out the migration process. The migration of data and the compliance of the migrated data is supported by automatic operations and manual checkups.


jogosultsági rendszer felülvizsgálata

Review of the authorisation system

For whom?

In the case of complex IT systems, the users and subscribers of the system have different roles when accessing the modules and operations of the system. The transparent, controllable admin system needs continuous maintenance and an audit once in a while. This is highly recommended if the system was introduced based on an older system of requirements and conditions, or if the pool of users had changed significantly over time.


What does it include?

The primary source of security risks related to IT systems and integrated enterprise softwares is those admin rights which are not set appropriately, or are not used any longer but are still in the system. Admin access rights which exceed or differ from real admin rights make an insecure admin system or significant system risk.

Our audit service is a good solution in this case in order to examine the user system, provide the protection of the business application against breaches, and to find out what problems come from a complex admin and user structure and settings.

When completing the audit, our experts dedicate special attention to identify the possible risks and admin system errors, and they make a plan to eliminate all these errors from the system.


szoftvertámogatási és fenntarthatósági gyakorlat ellenőrzése

Audit for software support and sustainability practices

For whom?

For those companies which use so-called key systems as part of their business operations envisaging continuous maintenance and further development, for which they usually have an external dev team.


What does it include?

We examine whether the continuity of the IT environment and the supporting services (development competence, IT and user-level support, operation) is provided.

Besides that, the audit also includes the change management of software solutions used by the company, the aim of which is to make sure that all changes made in connection with the IT system are made by also keeping IT security and under controlled circumstances.


Do you want to make sure your IT systems serve the purpose of data protection appropriately?


Why choose our Systems and Software Audit service?

With our service, you can have answers to the questions: how can you create and then maintain IT security and transparency? Our expert colleagues have been developing extremely high-risk systems (bank softwares, public administration systems) for more than 20 years. This experience gives us the advantage in identifying the risks that pose a threat to business values, and also in preparing our clients for implementing changes or modifications in their IT systems – by keeping the system closed as well.

Our system and software audit service provides help, by identifying the shortcomings of the IT system and the sustainable IT security, in the following areas:

  • creating a sustainable and secure software environment
  • planning the optimal development and software support processes
  • preparing the system for attacks on the level of source code, database, and admin systems
  • applying controlled and documented IT practices which supports your business operations
  • IT systems that works based on the prescribed business logic and IT regulation

Our system and software audit service provides a detailed analysis of the compliance of your IT systems and its possible security risks within a short deadline.

 Complementary audit services

Functional audit

An audit that examines the compliance of the functions of a given system or software, whose aim is to identify priority functions, to filter out the unnecessary operations, and to work out a solution in order to terminate the shortcomings.

Documentation system audit

An audit that examines the IT documentation of the company, plus evaluating the already existing documenations (e.g. disaster plan).

System life cycle audit

A continuous audit that follows through the system’s life cycle from the first version release through the testing period until installation in order to ensure an error-free, secure system implementation.

IT security audit and vulnerability check

Ethical external and internal break-in tests which are required to identify the vulnerable points of the IT system. Within the framework of the audit service, we draw up a professional plan in order to eliminate these errors and provide hardware audit as well.


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