We kindly ask you to read carefully this information about data processing, in which our company informs its website visitors about processing and protecting data, and about the right of the data’s subject. If you are under 18, please read this information with your legal representative.

In case of any questions, comment please contact us:, phone: +36 1 205 3090

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Let us introduce ourselves: whom you process your personal data, how can you contact us?

The Régens Informatikai Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (1117 Budapest, Prielle Kornélia út 19/d) is a Hungarian resident business company providing as core activity information technology services for more decades.

Main activities of the company:

  • bespoke software development (core activity)
  • mobilfe development
  • web development
  • Cloud- and IT services
  • software and system audit
  • R+D activity
  • business and innovation consultation
  • introduction of logistic and custom infromation software solutions.

Company data:
Régens Zrt. 
Seat: 1117 Budapest, Prielle Kornélia utca 19/D
R.Nr: 01-10-044363
Tax nr: 12485727-2-43
Represented by: Moravcsik Ákos, general director

In cases of data protection please contact: 

  • Email:
  • Phone: +36 1 2053090

Whose data are subject of data processing? 

Our data procession regulation and information governs the procession of natural person’s data, i.e. governs all data processions in which our company acqiures data, that may be connected to natural persons, may identify natural persons

Which regulations govern the data procession?

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data
Law Nr CXII from the Year 2011 about the information self governing right and the freedom of information 
Opinions of the Comission’s Working Group Nr 29 and of the National Data Protection Office. 

Which principles are regarded by us during data procession? 

Our company processes data according to the regulations of the GDPR regarding the following principles: 

  • lawfulness: the company has in the regulation determined legal basis for data procession, the data procession is reasoned
  • fairness: the data procession occurs according to the legal regulations regarding the interests of the data’s subject 
  • transparecy: the data procession may be followed in every steps of the process
  • limited purpose: the data will be processed only according to the goal  determined in advance about which the data subject has been informed 
  • data minimalization: data will be collected in quantity and so long till it is necessary to the legal basis 
  • accuracy: data will be registered according to its real content, that is why we ensure the right for updating, limiting and right of erasure
  • storage limitation: we store the data only to the legal basis necessary time
  • integrity and confidentiality: we ensure access to data only to persons whose access is necessary for fullfilling the services  or for the determined goal. 

Why are my data processed?

You have consented the data processing as follows: 
Our webpage visitors (hereinafter: visitors) may register at their own will and give voluntarily data, with which they may be identified (name, email address other data given by the visitor voluntarily). With providing the data voluntarily the visitor consents that the exclusive operator of the webbpage i.e. our company processes the data according to the principles set up in this information. Please take all the necessary measures to keep your user id and password confidential.  Please give us only those data that are necessary to keep contact with you.

Our company processes the data to fullfill your order or the contract signed with you or giving you an offer on your requests: 
You contracted orally (through telephone or personally) or in writing (email, internet) for provding you service, or put an order or recqested an offer (hereinafter: fullfilling contract). We have to process your data to fullfill the contract. Data processed: name, address, contact information (telephon, email), invoicing address, card nr in case of payment by card. Other eventual necessary data: data of workplace. 
Furthermore our company may process your data if it may prove legal interest regarding your data processing.

How do we process your data?

Our company processes the provided personal data and information only in connection with the goal of the data providing of the visitor, and uses only to fullfill the recquests of the visitors, to communicate with him. The goal of the data processing is the fullfillment of the information recquests, communication with the visitor, fullfillment of the order of the visitor.  

The Régens Zrt collects, processes, stores and deletes the data according to its contracts or the legal regulations. 

The Régens Zrt. processes the data to third persons only in the following cases:

  • in case of data administration according to the instruction of the data controller to authorities for fullfilling tax declares or 
  • to subcontractors contributing in the fullfilling of the service, and with whom we sign data procession contract, or
  • if the procession to third person is recquested  or previously consented by the data’s subject or
  • we are legally obliged.

Please contact us if you wish to be informed about our data administrators. With our data administrators in every case we conclude data procession contract, in which our administrators oblige themselves to process the data according to legal regulations and this information given to you.  

The Régens Zrt. erases the data if the data’s subject wish us in writing to do so, except we are obliged by law to preserve the data. We erase the data also, if there is no legal obligation or they are not necessary to prove the delivery of contracted services, or we erase also the data which are processed exclusively according to your consent and you ask us in writing to do so. 

Electronical data are erased in such way, that their restoration should not be possible; paper data will be erased by erasing machine or by companies whose main activity and profession is the erasing of official documents.

Data will be collected by the Régens Zrt. electronically. Data connected to employees and contracts are available on paper as well.   
Paper data will be stored on the seat or subsidiary of the Régens Zrt in folders. Only the entitled employees may access to the necessary data, other persons have no possbility to access (closed shelves and rooms).
Employees are informed about their right to access and about their obligation to hinder unlawful access (pay attention to key, not entitled third person may not be left alone by open shelves).

Electronically collacted data are stored and protected as follows: they are stored on servers at the seat or subsidiary of the Régens Zrt. 
A more levelled firewall system cares about the outer protection of the information net of  Régens. 
The protection of data in databases are ensured by a two-levelled access protection system. On data base level data are accessed directly only by the system administrator, other persons may access  to stored data only through an application connected to the data-base. These applications use own user identification.  
Erasure of data on recquest are fullfilled by an employee having access to data, in other cases, permanently, but at least annually the data will be supervised and if their storage is no more necessary, they are erased by the entitled employees. 

How long are your data preserved?

In case your data are processed according to your consent and their is no other legal basis (e.g.: delivery of contract), we preserve your data, till you revoke your consent or their is no goal for the procession and you consent the erasure.

In case we process the data on contractual basis we preserve the data for 5 years from the termination of contract, those data which are bases for annual balance are preserved 8 years from the termination. After this time period we erase the data.

In case there is legal interest for the processing of data we preserve them till we may prove the legal interest; if there is no more legal interest, we store them for 5 years from the termination of the legal interest.

What shall I know about cookies, other loggings?

The Régens Zrt. uses cookies on its webpage to enlighten the use of webpage and the communication. On the webpage of the company Google Analytics is used, which regulation may be find:

Furthermore during the use of our applications your browser may send us automatic informations when you open or use a webaddress such data as:  IP address, opened webpage, acitivty logging. We may get information about the used hardver as type, operation system, its sttings or individual identities. These informations depend on your settings, so we suggest to study the user’s menu, user’s guide regarding information-technology, -securitybefore using the hardver.

The Régens Zrt. informs you about cookies also on its homepage and ask for your consent. We do not collect, store data accessed from cookies.  

Why do I get newsletter, what rights do I have regarding newsletters?

The Régens Zrt. send newsletter only if the data’s subject has given his consent (on paper in writing, in email, or ticked on the internet). We inform you at the bottom of the newsletter about your rights: about the possibility to unsubscribe, or to rectificate your data. In case of your unsubsription your data will not be stored or processed any more for the goal of newsletter sending.  In case our company sends newsletter in the authorization of data processer in administration activity, we always collect the statement of the data processor about the legality of the newsletter sending and its data procession.

What kind of rights do I have regarding my data procession? 

a.          Right for information

You have right to get understandable information for what reason, which data, how and for how long will be processed by our company. To give you the information we need to identify you, because of it we may give you the information only personally in previously agreed office time or you may recquest it in writing. In case of written recqest you need two witnesses on the recqest, in case of recqest submitted in email, we give the information only for the email address processed by us. If you may not send the recquest from the email address processed by us, please send it us per post authorized by two wtinesses. We fullfill the recqest free of charge within 15 days from the arriving.

b.          Disposition with the data: right to rectificate, protest, limitation and erasure,  data portability

For the request of data’s subject the Régens Zrt. rectificate or supplement the inaccurate personal data without delay. 

The data’s subject may protest any time against the procession of his data on basis of public interest, execution of public service, legal interest. The data controller may process the data futher only if he proves that the procession is reasoned by rightous reasons with forcing effect, which have priority against the interests, rights and freedoms of the data’s subject, or they are in connection with submitting, validation or protection of legal claims. If the data’s subject protests against the procession on basis of direct business purposes, the personal data may not be processed further on this legal title.

On the request of the data’s subject the data controller limitates the procession, if the accuracy of the data is disputed, the procession is unlawful, but the data’s subject does not ask for the erasure only for limitation, the data controller does not have legal basis for the data, but the data’s subject recqests the procession to validate some of his rights during the time of the examination in which the lawfulness of the data procession will be examined. About the lifting of the limitation the data’s subject must be informed.

On the recquest of the data’s subject, in case of the revoke of his consent, for his protesting the data controller erases without delay the personal data regarding the data’s subject, except for other legal basis the procession is necessary, or public interest reasons the procession, or it is necessary for submitting, validating, protecting legal claims. Data must be erased also in case they have been processed unlawful or their erasure is obligatory according to law. 

The Régens Zrt informs about the retification, limitation, erasure of the data the data’s subject, except the information is impossible or needs special force. 

c.          Legal remedy

The data’s subject  is entitled to submit a complain to the authority appointed for this task. Against the decision or silence of the authority the data’s subject may appeal to court.  
The data’s subject is entitled to go to court in case of unlawful procession of his personal data. 

May unauthorized third person access to my personal data?

We speak about personal data breach in case your data is accessed by third unauthorized person, or there is a danger of accession.  

No personal data breach occurred by the Régens Zrt in the last decades. The following possible risk may occur: 

  • loss, steal of hardvers containing data (laptop, mobil)
  • burglary
  • attack against server
  • ensuring willful or negligated access to third unauthorized persons to personal data.

Hindering the above risks the Régens Zrt: 

  • allow access to personal data only those, for whom it is necessary to work, the access is ensured by user’s id and password,
  • permanently supervises its information security system, servers and ensures the security on the level expectable reasonably of an information technology services rendering company; the Régens Zrt ensures the necessary hardvers, 
  • The employees are informed about the necessary data protection measures. 

In case any of the employees of the Régens Zrt notices a personal data breach, he reports it to the managing director, who appoints without delay the person, who is responsible for investigating within 24 hours: the data’s subject whose personal data have been injured, and the possible risks. He suggests without delay how to process the data breach and informs the director. The general manager decises about the necessary measures that are able for avoid, prevent but at least minder the damages. 

In case the data breach has high risk for the rights and freedoms of the data’s subject, the Régens Zrt. informs the data’s subject without reasonable delay about the data breach with the following content at least: character of the breach, contact person and contact information, possible risks from the breach,  measures for remedy.

Present data procession information enters into effect on 25th of May 2018.  Matters not regulated in present information are governed by the GDPR and the relevant Hungarian regulations.