Our object recognition (image recognition) AI solution – Demo video


Artificial intelligence is the talk of the town, but we can only find a few practical examples. One of the most prominent areas of AI is image recognition for which we would like to show you some specific applications through our own artificial intelligence with object recognition capabilities.

What is object recognition (image recognition)?

Object recognition - also known as image recognition, image analysis, or image processing - is an application area of artificial intelligence with the greatest potential in it.

The main point of the process is to create an object-recognizing artificial intelligence, equipped with machine vision, that can interpret the images and videos made available to it and can recognize the different objects on them – similarly to human vision and thinking. To accomplish this, deep neural networks need to be created allowing the machine to recognize patterns learned during the teaching process. With the help of these patterns, the AI is able to classify new images into predetermined categories according to probabilities.AI képfelismerés

Our unique application for image recognition

We have created our own image recognition artificial intelligence, which is based on deep learning algorithms. Any database can be added to the teaching dataset of our application, so its functioning can be customized for any specific business area. Our solution is capable of identifying objects in any image or video, even in real time. The following two examples show that even poor image quality or fast-moving objects cause no complication for the application.


image recognition object recognition


image recognition object recognition

Searching by image with artificial intelligence

For some tasks, it is not enough to categorize a particular image or video into predefined categories - for example, if you need to search for a specific photo in a database. In this case, the algorithm compares the patterns extracted from the searched image with the patterns found in an image-based dataset, listing the images that are most similar to the one you are looking for.

The algorithm faces a challenge when it has to identify the background and to filter out less relevant information on images. Furthermore, the system is responsible for recognising the main object in an image, so that the object can be found in the database even if it is in a different position (e.g. the picture is taken from another angle).

Innovation in online shopping – We have created our own reverse image search solution



Image search may innovate the process of online shopping. Instead of expressing the product you are looking for with keywords, it is enough to upload a picture you took or found on the Internet to detect the commodity. An AI-based search engine will list the same product as a result and, in the absence of an accurate match, it will show the most similar one, so the purchase can also be achieved in the absence of the given product.

AI autóipar

Automotive industry

Image recognition is widely used in the automotive industry when producing parts and when creating the 'vision' of self-driving cars. It helps to identify roads, signs, traffic participants, and traffic situations. Image recognition can also be used at parking garages and streets to monitor empty parking spaces.

AI gyártás


With industrial image recognition, you can create an artificial intelligence that filters out the faulty products of the production belt. A predefined image database is required to teach the program with pictures categorized as correct or incorrect. The solution makes it possible to check the products during the manufacturing process and also before finalization, this way it helps to automatically identify substandard goods.

AI biztonság


Image recognition can help with your protection in many areas of the security sector. Face detection security systems can reduce entry time or provide more secure access to confidential documents. By monitoring user activities, you can filter out suspicious activity.

AI egészségügy


The technology is well suited to the analysis of various medical recordings (X-rays, MRIs) and thus to the identification of various diseases. Of course, artificial intelligence cannot replace the whole process of creating a medical opinion, but it accelerates, refines and complements the diagnostic process.

AI marketing


By analysing images shared by users on social media platforms, targeted ads can be displayed, complementing existing optimization options. With measuring the popularity of your ads, AI can help you with identifying the objects that attract the most of the clicks.

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