INFRALERT workshop at TRA 2018

Régens was one of the companies that were represented at one of the world’s most prestigious transport conferences: Transport Research Arena (TRA) in Vienna. Within the framework of one of the ‘open workshops,’ the consortium representatives of the H2020 project INFRALERT did a presentation on the results of the project.

As we have already mentioned in our previous articles, the aim of the project INFRALERT is to create a system (a so-called eIMS) which is able to make predictions and even produce maintenance plans related to all of or part of a road or railway system based on the data gathered from assessments made on the system.

Infralert technology workshop in Budapest

At the open workshop, held on 17 April, every consortium member presented the solution developed by them. Our colleague evaluated the results of the pilot period of the eIMS, and also presented the finished solution to the public and the experts invited.

Régens INFRALERT H2020 konzorciumi partnerek


The professional workshop was another inportant milestone in the life of the project INFRALERT, and it has also strengthened the close cooperation between the consortium partners.

Although the project is officially closed in April, we hope that in the next few months we are going to be able to show our solution to a big number of stakeholders on the market, which, when put into practice, will be of enormous help to the operators of road and railway systems.

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