Do less gain more – Alrite takes productivity to the next level 


Alrite introduces advanced summarization and keyword extraction features, streamlining information retrieval and enhancing content organization across diverse business sectors. 

Get ahead with Summary and Keyword Generation  

With a single click of a button the app generates a short summary from your transcript, also extracts key terms in a matter of seconds. The feature is available on files uploaded in the Plus and Premium plans.  

Quickly retrieve key insights from lengthy audio and video content, enhance content organization with keyword extraction, and ensure wider accessibility. From market research to streamlined training, experience the efficiency of automated summaries across diverse business areas. Elevate decision-making, improve productivity, and gain valuable market insights through our advanced summarization features.  

In which areas can you benefit from the automated summary?  

  • Efficient Information Retrieval: You can quickly obtain concise summaries of lengthy audio and video content, enabling faster information retrieval.  
  • Content Indexing and Organization: Automatically extracting keywords helps in indexing and organizing content, making it easier to categorize and retrieve relevant information.  
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Summarized transcripts make content more accessible to a wider audience, particularly for those with time constraints or accessibility needs.  
  • Market Research: Efficiently analyze market trends, customer feedback and industry insights by summarizing and extracting keywords from multimedia content.  
  • Training and Development: Facilitate efficient training by providing summarized versions of instructional videos or training sessions, saving time for both trainers and trainees.  

Customizable line break of captions for all industry standards  

Tailor your captions to perfection  

We're excited to unveil a powerful new feature in our app that puts you in complete control of your media captions. Now, not only can you choose the number of lines for your captions before uploading, but you can fine-tune and modify those line breaks after processing.   

Tailor your captions to perfection by adjusting the number of lines or the characters displayed per line, ensuring a seamless and personalized viewing experience.   

Captioning has never been this flexible and user-friendly. Explore the possibilities with Alrite’s enhanced caption customization feature today!