Sweepstake terms, conditions and privacy policy

Please, read the following rules carefully, which covers the terms, conditions and privacy policy of “Win tickets to Transport Logistic 2019” sweepstake organised by Régens Zrt. (“Organiser” or “Régens Zrt.”; address: 19/D Prielle K., Budapest 1117; business registration: 01-10-044363) and the Data Controller. The sweepstake is available at www.regens.com/transportlogistic.

In this document, Régens Zrt. informs all the participants about the processing and protection of their personal data and about the conditions of taking part in the sweepstake.




Participant must be at least 18 years old or older at the date of entry. Participant must meet all the conditions of this document.
Employees of the Organiser, their respective affiliates, subsidiaries and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes.
The Organiser disqualifies any participant, who endangers the decent arrangement of the sweepstake in any way.


Within the framework of the sweepstake the Organiser draws the prizes defined in this document among everybody, who fills in the required form in the period of the sweepstake. The form can be found on the following link: https://forms.gle/AaEKRzU6JpGzGuYw5.

Sweepstake Period

The sweepstake takes part from its publishing until 19/05/2019. Taking part and applying can be accepted before 12 p.m. 19/05/2019. All the applications before the starting time or after the finishing time of this period are considered invalid and will not take part in the draw.

Entering the sweepstake, conditions of participation

Everybody is considered as a participant, who fills in the required form in the period of the sweepstake. All applicants fully accept all the points listed in this document and the Privacy Policy of Régens Zrt. The participant declares that all the information provided in the sweepstake is true and accurate.


The Organiser draws 5 winners from those participants who meet all the conditions of this document. The winners are given 4 daily tickets each to the 2019 Transport Logistic exhibition. Tickets can be redeemed after an online registration using the code provided by the Organiser. Transport Logistic is going to be held 4-7th of June in 2019 on the following address: Messegelände, 81823 Munich, Germany. More information can be found on https://www.transportlogistic.de.
The prize only contains the codes required to redeem the tickets, that is, it only entitles the winners to take part in the exhibition as a visitor, accommodation and travelling must be arranged by the winners on their own expense.

Winner selection

Winners will be drawn by the Organiser using a software from the participants meeting all the conditions of this document on 20/15/2019. Drawing is not public; it is going to be held under the supervision of 3 of Régens’ employees. Drawing is going to be registered in a report.

Winner notification, prize delivery

Winners will be notified and their prize will be delivered via email to the email address given at the application. Moreover, winners will be displayed on www.regens.com.
Winners cannot exchange their prizes for money or other product nor at the Organiser, neither at the representatives of Transport Logistic.


Participant must create and maintain all the technical and other conditions necessary for participation. Participants are liable for all the costs of the participation (Internet access, mobile phone, etc.). The Organiser is not liable for any of the mentioned, nor for any damage or injury concerning the participants or any third party originating from the usage of the prize.

Changing terms and conditions, cancelling the sweepstake

Régens Zrt. preserves the right to change the terms and conditions this document contains, or cancel the sweepstake in any circumstance that cannot be foreseen or forecasted or in any circumstance that is not caused by the activity of Régens Zrt.

Participants will be notified about any fact, circumstance, or occurrent change in relation with the sweepstake on www.regens.com by Régens Zrt.

Contact information:

email: info@regens.com

telephone number: +36120530930

Privacy Policy

The registration of the participants and the acceptation of the sweepstake’s terms and conditions is necessary for participation.
Data processed: name, company name, email
Legal basis of data processing: the controller’s interest to identify the participants and the winners
Aim of data processing: arrangement of the sweepstake, delivery of the prices
Data transmission: does not occur
Automatic data processing, profiling: does not occur
Data retention: The data of the winners and the report of the drawing will be stored for 5 years, any other personal data will be erased in 30 days after the drawing
Data security:

Régens Zrt. only gives access to personal data to individuals who indispensably need it for the arrangement of the sweepstake, access is secured by usernames and passwords.
Régens Zrt. constantly monitors its servers and IT security systems, ensures the justly expected level of security from the company providing IT services and it develops its equipment according to these.
Régens Zrt. notifies the employers about the required data security measures.
Régens Zrt. notifies the data protection authority in case of any data security incident that poses a risk to the freedom and rights of the ones involved, if the incident poses increased risk, the company also notifies the ones involved without hesitation.

Data processing rights of the participants

Right for information
You have right to get understandable information for what reason, which data, how and for how long will be processed by our company. To give you the information we need to identify you, and because of this, we may give you the information only personally in previously agreed office time or you may request it in writing. In case of written request, you need two witnesses on the request, in case of requests submitted by e-mail, we give the information only to the email address processed by us. If you may not send the request from the e-mail address processed by us, please send it us per post authorized by two witnesses. We fulfil the request free of charge within 15 days from the receipt.

Disposition with the data: right to rectificate, protest, limitation and erasure, data portability

For the request of data’s subject Régens Zrt. rectificate or supplement the inaccurate personal data without delay.

The data’s subject may protest any time against the procession of her/his data on basis of public interest, execution of public service, legal interest. The data controller may process the data further only if she/he proves that the procession is reasoned by righteous reasons with forcing effect, which have priority against the interests, rights and freedoms of the data’s subject, or they are in connection with submitting, validation or protection of legal claims. If the data’s subject protests against the procession on basis of direct business purposes, the personal data may not be processed further on this legal title.

On the request of the data’s subject the data controller limits the procession, if the accuracy of the data is disputed, the procession is unlawful, but the data’s subject does not ask for the erasure only for limitation, the data controller does not have legal basis for the data, but the data’s subject requests the procession to validate some of her/his rights during the time of the examination in which the lawfulness of the data procession will be examined. About the lifting of the limitation the data’s subject must be informed.

On the request of the data’s subject, in case of the revoke of her/his consent, for her/his protesting the data controller erases without delay the personal data regarding the data’s subject, except for other legal basis the procession is necessary, or public interest reasons the procession, or it is necessary for submitting, validating, protecting legal claims. Data must also be erased in case they have been processed unlawful or their erasure is obligatory according to law.

Régens Zrt. informs about the rectification, limitation, erasure of the data the data’s subject, except the information is impossible or needs special force.


Legal remedy

The data’s subject is entitled to submit a complaint to the authority appointed for this task. Against the decision or silence of the authority the data’s subject may appeal to court. The data’s subject is entitled to go to court in case of unlawful procession of her/his personal data.

Contact information of the data protection authority

Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Chairman: dr. Péterfalvi Attila

Address: 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.

Contact: ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu, +36-1-3911400, www.naih.hu