NAV online invoice system integration - Régens VATapp

Régens Invoicing programme

Main functions:

  • Issuing unique and continuous invoices

  • Continuous maintenance of billing strains

  • Tax authority control data supply function

  • Ensuring strict serialisation

  • Document history

  • Tax authority control data supply


  • Creating invoices from samples

  • Invoice preparation using pre-paraphernalised titles

  • Mediated service function

  • Possibility to choose from different payment methods

  • Invoicing in different currencies and languages

  • Analytics

  • Forwarding invoices via email

Régens VATapp: online invoice data supply

Régens’ software solution supports online invoice data supply, which means it provides compliance with the latest NAV regulation. According to this new regulation, from July 2018 all enterprises will be obliged to forward the data of those invoices in real time which have a VAT value of at least 100.000 HUF.


A stand-alone application which can be fully integrated to already existing invoicing systems

Legal compliance 
Compliance with regulations is always guaranteed, thanks to continuous updates 

Those invoices subjet to the regulation are automatically selected and forwarded to NAV in the appropriate format

Besides data forwarding, the solution provides the option for statements and queries

The solution is fully customisable and can be expanded with further functionality

Complementary services

  • Full support of the installation of the system
  • Management and maintenance of the system, shaping the necessary infrastructure

Professional consultancy

Our expert colleagues help our clients create a course of business which is effective, quick and in compliance with regulations in the following ways:

  • accounting consultancy: our expert colleagues are available to answer any questions you may have, and provide assistance in the proper interpretation and practical application of legislative changes and requirements related to online data provision

  • administrative consultancy on the assessment of invoicing processes, legal compliance, examination of supported requirements related to invoices

  • software consultancy related to the preparation of invoicing programmes, support of the integration and the interface creation related to the NAV communication application