ESSENCE is a research project that focuses on improving communication networks for SMEs in Central Europe.

ESSENCE stands for “easy e-services to shape and empower SME networks in Central Europe”. The project focuses on interoperability of companies (supply chains), with SMEs in the Central European region as the main stakeholders and beneficiaries. The overarching aim for the project was to provide developed ICT solutions for these networks, which

(1) helps in daily communication

(2) builds an eCatalog of products and services

(3) supports process modelling (like SCM processes)

(4) provides ‘what-if’ scenarios for controlling unexpected events

(5) aids in transportation planning

Régens was a subcontractor of the Hungarian partner ICEG European Center for this project, and assisted in interviewing future Hungarian stakeholders, requirement analysis, business process planning, and system modelling. The project was a continuation of FLUID-WIN, to which Régens had also successfully contributed.