Report Manager

Management information system - get better insights!


Régens offers management support systems for companies involved in customs clearance and logistics operations. Our solutions make managing and controlling these complex processes easier by searching, aggregating, and presenting data in a meaningful and actionable way.Report Manager by Régens


ReportManager is a powerful tool for searching Oracle databases. Many of our customers use it in in addition to other business applications in order to obtain better information and make data-driven decisions.

The program is extremely user friendly, and allows someone without programming skills to not only make queries in Oracle databases - but also download and export the results to PDF, Excel, and TXT format for easy sharing.


Why choose Report Manager?


Quick and easy-to use customized reports from the database

Real-time data and correlations for management insights

Improved decision-making

Increased transparency in operations and processes

Better application of Big Data insights



  • User friendly interface 
  • Several filtering options for database searches
  • Easy export to popular formats such as PDF and Excel 
  • Reports can be customized for company image (logo, colours, fonts)
  • Schedule automatic searches and reports
  • Created reports can be saved and recycled
  • Access rights can be defined at many levels
  • Integrates fully with Régens’ products or existing 3rd party Oracle-based applications


Systems, it can be integrated with

ERP systems made by Régens:

  • Book Report Manager: financial reports and statistics
  • Custom[R]s Report Manager: to create reports and analyses relating to customs activities
  • Track Report Manager: to create reports relating to transportation and inland distribution
  • Logistock Report Manager: to create reports about warehouse logistic activities
  • Your specific corporate solutions

Integration with other systems

In addition to Regens solutions, the Report Manager is able to collaborate with any kind of database of other systems within the company.