Industry 4.0 solutions

Our goal is to integrate industry 4.0 capabilities into our clients' activities, helping them improve productivity and drive their business growth.

Through our process optimization, IT consulting and development services, we provide personalized IoT solutions and softwares to enhance our clients’ more efficient operation.


Monitor your production in real time!

You can easily set up your optimal production line with our efficient data collection and processing solutions.

Keep track of your devices!

With the help of IoT solutions you can monitor the movement and the current location of your devices.

Employ robots working as humans instead of humans working as robots!

With the mechanism of artifical intelligence many processes can be automated by implementing learning algorithms.

Uncover the unexpected in your data!

We provide you the tools for uncovering hidden patterns, correlations and other insights by Big Data analysis and data processing.

Connect your systems and devices!

We help effective decision making by connecting various systems for automatic information flow..

Keep focus on value creation!

You can easily follow lean principles with our solutions.




Our main industry 4.0 projects


For our customer in the field of manufacturing we have developed a real-time data acquisition system that provides instant, transparent and accurate information on the performance and utilization of production equipment. The data can be tracked in user-friendly graphs that makes decision-making easier. Thanks to the development, our client's productivity and the utilization of its production equipments have increased considerably.


Our client's request was to implement a system which is capable of accurate positioning in an indoor environment to track specific devices. We have developed a solution that can determine the exact position by using sensors and RFID tags.  By mapping the site, visualization has made the real-time and historical tracking of devices transparent.


As a member of an international consortium, we have been involved in the development of a system which is able to make predictions and even produce maintenance plans related to all of, or part of the infrastructure based on the data gathered from assessments made on the system. The system ensures that the infrastructure is always in optimal condition, thus reducing the chance of errors.


Our client has entrusted us with the task of developing an IT system that supports real-time flow of information between the supply chain partners, thus enabling transparency and control of the transport processes. After the development, the logistic processes of our client have significantly accelerated and achieved remarkable resource savings in the labor input of the supply chain actors..


We find the best industry 4.0 solution for your company by our consulting, system development and tender consultancy services!