• Just now

  • 2019

    We launched our Távszámla service, which enables the forwarding of paper-based invoices over the internet, so it relieves our customers of the obligation to send it by post.

    • We created a new module for Régens VATapp: with the ÁNYK 65M Import module you can fill in domestic summary reports easily, quickly and efficiently.
  • 2018

    We have completed our GINOP-2.1.1.-15 project. The aim of the project was to develop Clare, a software solution, which makes customs clearance easier and more transparent on the European market. We exhibited at two popular logistics fairs, Transport Compleet GO in the Netherlands and InnoTrans in Germany, where our development received numerous positive feedbacks.

    • In 2018, the NTCA online data regulation entered into force. We have launched Régens VATapp software solution to support legal compliance, which forwards the required invoice information to the NTCA in real time.
    • We started our system audit and process screening and On-Call IT service. Our goal is to support our customers in making better use of their existing infrastructure and to secure their operations through continuous support.
    • Many of our new and existing partners - including S.E.G.A Hungary, QFD and Weskamp - ​​have entrusted us with exciting projects in 2018.
  • 2017

    We have successfully completed the eDIGIREGION project under the FP7 Programme, which was a thirty-six month initiative to increase regional competitiveness via research-driven clusters in the technology domain.

    • We have launched our NAV integration solutions which aims to provide an easy-to-use interface and reliable technology in order to process and electronically submit the data available in the entities' ERP system to NAV (NTCA).
    • We released our new mobile application called EAT! The app helps people on a special diet find the best and most suitable places to eat.
    • Many of our existing and new customers, including SBERBANK, Liligo, Nufarm Ltd., Transemex Ltd., Linamar Hungary Ltd, Sanmina Hungary Ltd., and Magna Top Car System Ltd. have entrusted us with exciting projects in the field of customs IT solutions, logistics, system audit and bank system integration.
    • We have strengthened our relationship with organizations such as the Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform, the Hungarian Development Center, the IVSZ Informatics, Telecommunication and Electronic Enterprise Association, the Hungarian ESA Technological Transfer Office, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Chamber of Commerce, the Joint Venture Association, the Customs, Excise and Tax Service Association and the Hungarian Customs Association.
    • As an expert system integrator, we have provided support to our clients in several projects with implementing secure data migration and establishing verified system integration through our system and software audit services.
  • 2016

    CustomRs, our professional customs solution, was moved to the Cloud. That means that customs management is possible anywhere and anytime - all that is needed is a device that connects to the Internet.

    • Within the framework of a Széchenyi 2020 project, we started to develop a new customs software which will enable customs management all over the EU, regardless of country borders. We plan to release the first pilot version of the software Clare in 2017.
    • We developed new web-based applications for our logistics softwares. The way the new features are designed and developed enables smoother co-operation and the faster flow of information between suppliers and their clients.
    • We developed an Internet-based IT system for Gondrand Kft. The system supports the flow of information between employees taking part in supply chain management, so the processes within the company are more transparent and can be tracked more easily.
    • Our ERP division welcomes Sanmina Kft. among our clients, who also chose to use Régens’ professional customs software.
  • 2015

    Régens launches Profity, its first game application.

    • INFRALERT project is started within the framework H2020 with a consortium of 7 members. The aim of the project is to develop an innovative expert-based information system that supports and automates measurement and maintenance of linear infrastructure (e.g. rail and road). 
  • 2014

    Régens launches its new financial software ÁFAFAKT. The unique web-based application provides VAT refund services and supports client-oriented business processes in general.

    • One of the biggest governmental organizations of Hungary, the National Transport Authority chooses Régens as its partner to completely redesign the portal www.nkh.gov.hu.
    • Régens' expert is invited to join the Jury Board of the e-Skills art contest organized by the ICT Association of Hungary.

  • 2013

    CORSENET, Régens' corporate semantic platform with artificial intelligence and semantic web features, is presented to the public. CORSENET is launched in order to move towards future internet technologies.

    • iOS version of SMARTNET, Régens' enterprise collaboration software is released.
  • 2012

    Régens successfully completes its first software quality engineering project under FP7 (FACIT-SME). Based on this project Régens is awarded by the Hungarian Association of IT Companies, gaining the Software Development Quality certificate.

    • JABIL decides to implement Régens' customs solution and integrate it into its supply chain processes.
    • Régens launches a new eHealth project called FIT-TEST, aiming to measure physical readiness  of children and support government level decision making based on statistically analysed healthcare data.
    • Régens and Grayling initiate a digital media working group at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, focusing on social and digital media issues.
    • Régens begins to develop a location based service, called POI Locator,  for mobile and tablet users.
    • Régens participates as a supply chain expert in ESSENCE project, funded by the Central European Programme.
    • Régens implements SMARTNET at the Association of Road Hauliers.
  • 2011

    Régens gains a governmental accreditation as a consulting company allowing us to provide IT consulting services, under a funded SME's program. Régens starts the preparation of many new RTDI projects, and gains funds for long-term technology developments.

    • Régens launches the first working prototype of its social enterprise application.
    • Régens celebrates the 10th anniversary of its customs solutions, having more than 400+ users and 70 companies on board.
    • Régens develops an intelligent portal solution for the Association of Road Hauliers (www.mkfe.hu) including an online partner management system.
    • Régens presents the new version of its management reporting solution, Report Manager that provides new web reports for executives on a daily basis.
    • Régens becomes a Silver Sponsor and Exhibitor at the Cloud Computing World Forum in London.
    • Régens launches new consulting services for companies intending to be accredited by Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).
  • 2010

    Régens opens its office in London to establish a basis for international business development, and provide A-level services for international clients. Régens attends the B2Fair expo in CEBIT/Hannover, resulting new international partnerships.

    • SMARTNET is named one of the best 25 Innovations of the Year at the Innovation Techshow and HiTech Pub.
    • A significant railway company, GYSEV implements Régens' warehouse management and freight forwarding system, integrated to SAP,  to support their 12,000 sqm warehouse operation.
    • Régens launches the FP7 funded FACIT-SME project aiming to develop a software quality management tool.
    • Régens is a Gold Sponsor at the largest supply chain conference in Budapest.
  • 2009

    Régens provides consulting services in a new domain area, the bank sector, and begins participating in large scale governmental initiatives related to road safety.

    • Régens delivers consulting services for Erste Bank in the form of a feasibility study presenting the implementation of electronic factoring solution.
    • Régens launches the CORSENET semantic web research project.
    • Régens provides IT support and communication services for the national Road Safety Program.
    • Régens launches a new document management system eDoc, supporting the implementation of 'paperless office' concepts.
    • National Instruments Europe implements Régens' Custom[R]s platform integrated into its worldwide supply-chain system.
  • 2008

    Régens demonstrates the results of its largest interoperability project involving 35 companies into pilots. Régens renewed its ISO 9001 certification in accordance with the 2008 new standard.

    • Régens begins its flagship innovation project, SMARTNET, establishing a new technology platform for web and mobile developments.
    • Wincanton and Diebold applies Custom[R]s tool for their logistics operations integrated into their existing ERP system.
    • Régens presents  a paper of interoperability issues along the supply chain, at the I-ESA Berlin conference, then publishes an RTD paper in IBIS journal.
    • Régens talks about the participation of SMEs in European research at the Hungarian Trade Agency's SME Conference.
    • Régens works with BlomInfo on a project funded by the Norwegian Fund that aims to develop a digital land registry system for the governmental land administration agency in Kosovo.
  • 2007

    To extend its service portfolio, Régens establishes a new technology group focusing on internet and mobile technology. Within the framework of a strategic cooperation with Microsoft, Régens enters into the e-learning sector.

    • AVON, Schenker, Hankook and Flextronics implement Régens' Custom[R]s solution, integrated into their existing ERP systems.
    • Régens presents its experience about the FP7 RTD Projects in Hungary at the HAGRID Workshop in the Hague.
    • Régens participates in the Oracle ISV Conference in Moscow, discussing Advanced Front-desk Solutions for the Logistics Sector.
    • Régens starts its supply chain consulting project for one of Audi's supplier, NEMAK.  
    • MÁV Cargo, the national Hungarian rail company, implements Régens' CMS portal resulting a long term strategic partnership.
    • Régens attends the 15th Annual Congress of the Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management, and the Central LOCO Workshop, both with the theme of issues of supply chains.
  • 2006

    Régens opens tender consulting services to raise funding and procure advanced IT solutions for its clients. Régens wins its first project under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) co-financed by the European Commission.

    • Caterpillar implements Régens' Custom[R]s solution for its customs clearance operations.
    • Régens starts its first FP6 research project FLUID-WIN in the domain of interoperability along the supply chain.
    • Régens launches its first and largest ERP implementation project with V&T Logistics, supporting the logistics operations of Törley. The project includes the implementation of a barcode based warehouse management system.
    • Régens presents 'Strategic Collaboration Along the Supply Chain' at the 14th Annual Congress of the Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management.
  • 2005

    New significant clients, DHL and UPS apply Régens solutions. Régens is declared to be among the companies best fostering international relationship development by gaining the BUSTEN Award, in Vienna.

    • Régens presents 'Mobility in Logistics from the Service Provider's Point of View' at the ICE AMI@work Forum Day in München.
    • Régens launches the WebSense research project, which applies wireless sensor networks and active RFID technologies.
    • Régens develops a tailored contract management software for the Hungarian National Bank.

    • In cooperation with Microsoft, Régens delivers an e-learning project for the Municipality of Budapest.
    • Two global parcel service companies, UPS and DHL apply Régens' custom solution.



  • 2004

    Régens joins the European Technology Platforms (eMobility, NESSI, ARTEMIS) and gains a certification as a NATO supplier.

    • As a first pioneer of European research, Régens initiates a working group to facilitate the involvement of clients into EU research. As a result a consulting material is handed out by Régens about EU-wide cooperation possibilities. 
    • Régens develops a license management system for the Hungarian Transport Authority implemented nationwide.
  • 2003

    Régens extends its clientele with a significant number of large accounts such as General Electric, Versteijnen, Hödlmayr and Siemens. Régens receives an award from the Hungarian Association for Innovation and gains ISO 9001 certification.

    • Régens develops a GPS-based vehicle tracking system for Hödlmayr, Austria’s largest vehicle logistics service provider. The system is put into operation across eight European countries.
    • Versteijnen, a Scandinavian logistics service provider, implements several Régens’ products including Logistock, Custom[R]s, TRACK and RégensBook.
    • Régens launches Logistock, a warehouse management system designed to manage stock, inventory, and deliveries throughout the warehousing operation.
    • Régens wins a bid for a PHARE Project, partnering with Danish BlomInfo, for a technical assistance of the development IACS (Intergrated Agricultural Control System).  
    • General Electric (GE) and Siemens start using Custom[R]s tool integrated with their ERP system to manage logistics operations.
  • 2001

    Régens' new products are designed to manage front office operations and improve efficiency and administration processes.

    • Régens introduces its three new products to the market - Track, GroupBy and RégensBook.
  • 2000

    Régens changes its corporate structure from an Ltd. to a Plc. to cooperate with standard industry practices and to become more transparent. Régens expands its service portfolio into customs clearance solutions after which the customs market becomes a major catalyst for growth at the company.

    • Régens introduces its Custom[R]s software solution for customs clearance and compliance.
  • 1998

    With new clients acquired, Régens expands its product portfolio by developing a front-office management tool for the market.

    • Hungarocamion, the largest freight-forwarding company in Hungary chooses Régens' unique solution supporting its front end freight forwarding activities, fully integrated with Oracle Financials.