Document management and registry system 

Make the paperless office concept to life 

Web 2.0 and mobile technologies make the paperless office concept to life.  Whether or not your organization is completely ready to forget paper, we have scalable applications to meet your needs at every turn.

Experience the clarity that comes from organized, searchable, and rapidly retrievable documents and files.


eDoc by Régens is a web based application for enterprise use that intelligently filters, stores, and manages all business documents, files, and communications.

With eDoc, files and documents are securely stored on either internal corporate servers or in the cloud.

Scalable user permissions and authorisations ensure that sensitive materials are only accessible to top managers - along with built-in features that monitor user activity system-wide.


Eliminates redundancy in electronic records

Reduces time spent retrieving and uploading

Ensures compliant handling of sensitive documents

Shrinks paper-based costs

Helps in diminishing environmental impact


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Electronic document handling
  • Filing and tracking on incoming and outgoing materials
  • Administrative settings and user permissions
  • Analysis of user statistics and business processes