Would you like to be more productive with less effort at uni? Save time with hands-free writing and convert media files and online videos into e-notes & captions in minutes

2022/ 19/09

Get ahead in your classes and boost your efficiency of preparing for class and research to eliminate the most time-consuming task: typing essays and processing course material. Speech recognition technology has your back by automatically transcribing lectures and interviews of research projects. Transcribing and captioning the heard speech help students to master the subjects in depth and to excel in distant learning. Converting speech into text promotes equal opportunities in education as well by making the media content accessible to students with disabilities.

Smart lecture notes quickly

  • The automated transcribing apps convert dictation, audio- and video files into editable read-along texts.
  • You can edit, export them in different formats (.docx, .srt) and share with your classmates.
  • The media-text pairs can be stored as archives. By searching for a keyword amongst the uploads you can find the exact information you need super-fast and easy: the searched word is highlighted in the text and with a click you can even take a visit at the class by listening to the part exactly where the searched word was said.

How about some extra handy features?

The Alrite speech recognition app transcribes speech in English, German, Spanish and Hungarian with outstanding accuracy, and is easy to use from a web browser and in the free mobile app version too.

Upload or Record & Transcribe: Alrite, the easy-to-use multilingual app generates transcripts and closed captions at the same time. You can record your own media directly with the app or upload your video/ audio.

Social media video process: Alrite also transcribes and creates captions of online videos (YouTube, Facebook watch, TikTok) by a simple link paste. The app converts the video into text, that you can edit if needed, all changes will update your captions as well. Some packages also include the caption editing feature.

Automatic translation: Would you like to have a translated version of your transcript and captions?  Alrite translates your content by a quick click, and you’ll get your translated texts instantly.

Burned-in captions: Explore your creative side by adding custom captions to your videos and download them with a unique look.

Alrite – Try for free – web and mobile application 
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