Why should you focus more on marketing content creation and how automatic transcribing can be your ally in it?

2022/ 14/01

We all know the importance for a business to have a website, but we do not mention enough how essential is to fill the platforms with messages that captivates their target audience.

Let’s find out why AI transcription (a.k.a. automatic transcribing) is a game-changer in content creation.

Why online marketing content creation is important?

For gaining a prominent place in the online market, strong content is fundamental. 

1.    Captivating and strong content helps potential customers to find you through the noise online and to stay on your sites, get interested, motivates the will of making a purchase. Usage of the right mix of content can rapidly increase business growth.

2.    Shared contents related to the business strengthens the trust in customers and helps them understand the products better.

3.    It is also the tool of creating and forming the brand image. Customers are looking for a brand voice that resonates with the product, that is worth to come back for.

4.    As potential customers could start searching what they demand via search engines, having strong content on your website is a key factor of reaching your audience. A well-designed website and quality content enhances the appearance in search engines, and this opportunity cannot be missed. 

How to gain competitive advantage in online content creation with an AI solution?

The Alrite© speech recognition and transcribing software solution is the missing element from your marketing team.

As demand for written and media contents are high, there is a great deal of pressure on content creators to keep up with the intense content needs. A transcribing application can take over the tiresome manual typing and as the teams do not need to waste time on transcribing or typing texts, they can focus on the creative side.

Video and audio contents may increase interest, but the information may not be always available, or the audience is avoiding of audio contents (for example watching videos from workplace). The content shared should be accessible for everyone: people who are hard of hearing need captions to use websites efficiently, therefore transcribing and captioning videos gives an opportunity to widen the range of audience.

Transcribing is not only useful for the marketing team, but it can enhance the productivity of internal collaborations among teams, departments and between the whole organization. With Alrite© you can transcribe and translate your meetings with a few clicks, seizing the opportunity of this new digital remote working.

Take out the best of your business with the support of AI technology: try out Alrite© for free without any payment obligation.


source: Asset Digital Communications, Digital Doughnut

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