What's new at Alrite: Release Update - Febr 2023

2023/ 23/02

We started this year by developing new features to enhance the user experience. From the ongoing development of the subtitle editing tool to the expansion of the languages available in the app, we have also put a strong focus on exporting original quality videos.

1. Captions breaking

For more than a year now, with the subscription packages recommended for captioning (Plus, Premium), you can determine before the file process whether to display maximum 2 or 3 lines in a block. As 1-line captions are quite popular in the social media platforms, from now you can set it before uploading your file to Alrite.

2. Language updates

  • Speech recognition languages: Turkish is now available in Alrite in addition to English, German, Spanish, French and Hungarian.
  • Translation languages: Good news to the Plus and Premium subscribers! The automated transcripts and captions can be translated to 10 different languages without any extra time credit usage in just seconds. Reach a wider audience and improve your SEO-ranking with video captions in different languages.

3. iCloud login

Individual users can sign up and use the app after a quick registration. Following the Facebook sign-in option, you can now sign into the app with an iCloud account as well.


Coming soon: Keep the original video quality!

You will soon be able to store the original version of your high quality videos, so you don't have to sacrifice good picture quality when burning in your subtitles. The feature will be available in Plus and Premium subscription packages, with up to 3 original quality videos stored at the same time.

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