We joined the Artificial Intelligence Coalition of Hungary


We are proud to announce that Régens has also become a member of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition of Hungary initiated by the Minister of Innovation and Technology.


The fundamental goal of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition of Hungary is to define directions and frameworks for the development of artificial intelligence in Hungary, providing a permanent professional and cooperative forum for AI developers, market and state delegates representing the users of AI, the academic sphere, professional organizations and state institutions. The Coalition also participates in the shaping of the Hungarian artificial intelligence strategy and in the analysis of the social and economic impacts associated with the spread of AI.

Over the last few years, Régens has had active research and development projects in the field of artificial intelligence, furthermore we have developed and implemented our own solutions in the fields of image recognition, voice recognition and text analysis. Therefore we found it important to join the AI Coalition and support its activity with our expertise. We aim to get familiar with the professional partners developing and researching in the field of artificial intelligence, to participate in the work of the Coalition’s professional community (work and project teams), to share experiences, and to take part in the shared promotion of developments based on artificial intelligence. We are confident that our work will support the Coalition’s common goals effectively.

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The Artificial Intelligence Coalition of Hungary gathers together all the Hungarian success stories that have achieved outstanding results with the application of AI. These success stories include a case study of ours showing Vatera’s results after the introduction of our Seekra search engine. Seekra search engine effectively increases conversion rates with the help of artificial intelligence by taking context into account to determine the word classes and the stem of the words, this way it can effectively identify words it has never met before. By interpreting the Hungarian language on a higher level, the search engine can create a more sophisticated ranking, which has a positive effect on the overall search experience.


Read the full case study

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