We have expanded the Alrite mobile application with useful features - Try them yourself!


In the recent weeks and months, our mobile development team has worked non-stop to improve the downloadable version of the Alrite© speech recognition app for mobile devices.

The software, available on both iOS and Android devices, now has all the essential features that a web application does.

Thanks to the extended functionality and user-friendly interface of the mobile application, those who prefer to use our speech recognition system with their mobile device can already take advantage of all the features of the web application.

However, we highly recommend that everyone download it, as it can come in handy if you don't have your computer at hand.

To convince sceptics as well, here are some of the key innovations we’ve made available within the mobile app. We hope to make you feel happy and soon we will be able to greet you among the users of our mobile application!


The video dictation feature is the only extra feature that the web application does not have. This allows you to record videos directly from the app and then transcribe and subtitle it immediately after uploading.

And you don't even need internet access to record the video, you can record offline. You only need it before uploading and subtitling. And as long as you cannot connect to the Internet, we will keep the recording within the app so you can upload it later.


As a part of the mobile app, you can also watch your videos - downloaded from your YouTube channel, uploaded or recorded within the mobile app - either on the default small player or by rotating the device to full screen mode.

Of course, the caption generated by the system can also be seen in the video.
The video can also be fast-forwarded and rewinded 15 seconds by double-tapping on the right and left sides of the player or using keyboard shortcuts.

If you double-tap a word in the caption, both the video and audio players jump to the current moment where that word is spoken. This makes it easy to listen back and verify that the system has captioned the speech correctly.


With the latest version of the mobile app, you can now download text versions to your mobile device.

As web application users have become accustomed to, captions can be downloaded as a Word document (.docx) and captions in .srt format for later use.

In addition to the text versions, we also made it possible to download audio and video materials.


If you want to know the files on your mobile device that may contain sensitive information in complete safety, you can breathe a sigh of relief with the new Alrite © mobile app.
Using biometric identification technology, the application locks the files every 24 hours, which you can only unlock with your fingerprint or the device’s face recognition technology.
You do not have to be discouraged even if your mobile device is not capable of biometric identification or your settings are not all set up. In this case, you can also protect your files with a code.

If you are excited to try out the Alrite© mobile app, download it from Google Play or the App Store by clicking the buttons below!