Video podcasting in 2022? This tool will make it easy and FAST

2022/ 25/07

Podcasts are a huge hit for years now, with the spread of Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Podcasts, listeners can access to hundreds and thousands of podcasts worldwide in various topics in a wide range of platforms. According to a recent survey mentioned in Forbes magazine, YouTube is one of the top podcast platforms.

Why people prefer video podcasts over audio?

Audio podcasts have been around for a while, but their popularity rapidly increased just a few years ago. Video podcasts are just getting noticed recently, their time is coming: more and more podcasters are adding video element to their recordings. Why do people prefer video content over audio? People are quite visual: the brain itself, neurons devoted to visual processing number in the hundreds of millions and take up about 30 % of the cortex, as compared with 8 % for touch and just 3 % for hearing. Based on this general preference, there is a huge potential in sharing your podcast in video format as well.

The top 3 benefits of video podcasts

  • Reaching a greater audience: video podcasts provide a more engaging experience for the listeners and extends the horizon of the platforms you can share your content.
  • With your video podcasts you can create a space for podcast audience engagement with likes and comments.
  • Uploading your video podcast on YouTube, you get access to the YouTube analytics like download numbers, watch time, viewers and top videos.

How can you boost your numbers?

If you already have your video or audio content, you can easily elevate your numbers with transcribing and captioning your media. Sharing your content in a written form will give you a competitive advantage when reaching your audience. Creating a text version of your podcasts helps boosting your SEO and reaching a wider audience: people who consume media on mute or with hard of hearing.

With the Alrite speech recognition and transcribing app you can turn your video into read-along text and captions with high accuracy (~95%) in seconds. The app gives you the opportunity to review and edit your text, translate it to other languages automatedly with one click and export the content in various formats, you can even save your video with personalized burned-in captions.

Start creating video podcasts and generate transcripts and captions with Alrite to attract a bigger audience.

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