The German-Hungarian Chambers of Industry and Commerce welcome Régens among its members


To strengthen our international relations, Régens has joined the German-Hungarian Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DUIHK) in June 2017.

The German-Hungarian Chambers of Industry and Commerce, which has almost 900 members, has been active in the past two and a half decades and has provided a consultancy service for Hungarian and German companies in their business processes.

With this membership, our aim is to welcome new clients and partners within our circles. We would like to increase our presence on the German market, and have a closer relationship with German enterprises with the help of the professionals of the Chambers.

As a new member company, we had the opportunity to present Régens’ innovative ICT solutions and references to members and representatives of the Chambers at DUIHK’s event Jour Fixe in September. At the event, we had a chance to meet other members of the Chambers, with whom we hope to have a lot of opportunities to collaborate in the near future.


Régens DUIHK


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