Product lifecycle tracking Joomla-based web application development for Mandelay Ltd.


Mandelay Ltd.


Custom solution



Mandelay Ltd. came to Régens looking for a software solution that makes full track of the lifecycle of medical devices distributed by the company from the production to their end-use.


The distributed devices reach the end user in a complex, multi-step process with many participants involved. The employees of the producer, distributors, logistics centers, brokers and end-users needed access to different data, therefore we had to pay particular attention to complex permission levels.


The development was preceded by getting acquainted with and assessing the entire lifecycle, manufacturing and sales process. The system was developed to be optimized for these processes, tailored to the company's individual needs and framed into the Joomla-based system of Mandelay Ltd.


The web application with multilevel permissions not only creates a more transparent product lifecycle process, but it also provided the correspondence to the US FDA regulations for documenting medical devices.