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Nagy örömünkre szolgál, hogy bemutathatjuk legújabb AI fejlesztésünket, az Alrite beszédfelismerő megoldásunkat.


Alrite is an Artificial Intelligence-based speech recognition solution optimized for the Hungarian language. The application supports your everyday work with its special features.

What can AIrite be used for?

Verbal communication with clients contains a great amount of valuable data. This can be easily transcribed using our speech recognition system, and by analyzing the text you can gain better insights to consumer behaviour.

Alrite is highly applicable in any work environment where typing is a crucial daily task. Thanks to AIrite's low error rate and advanced punctuation and sentence handling features, productivity can be greatly increased. In addition to software integration with Microsoft Office applications, the application can be used to dictate into any specific business application.

Our application can be used for generating subtitles for audio and video files. It can automatically generate captions timed to milliseconds, which fits the initial files perfectly.

By the transcription of meetings and business negotiations, our solutions ensures that critical business data is never lost.

How can you use our speech recognition application?

Primarily, using Régens’ secure cloud infrastructure.
On-premises implementation is also an option as a special project to ensure that no information is transferred outside the company.

Is there a way to try it out?

Yes. You can request a free DEMO for our speech recognition system, which grants you access using our cloud infrastructure.


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