Penetration Test and Vulnerability Test: Two Key Security Engineering Approaches

2024/ 08/01

Protecting IT systems is now a critical part of the life of businesses, especially given the threats they face every day. Two basic tools come to the forefront when dealing with such threats: penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. While these methods arekey to IT security, they are both different to each other.

Penetration Test: simulation of a live hacker attack

A penetration test is essentially a simulation of a live hacker attack, designed to detect vulnerabilities in an IT system. In this process, ethical hackers, also known as white hat hackers, use tools and methods that a real attacker would use. The test involves simulated attacks to determine how resilient the system is to real-world cyber attacks.

Our experts work closely with their clients. During the consultations, they provide detailed information on the vulnerabilities identified, giving customers the opportunity to fix them quickly. Once the tests are completed, our company provides detailed consultancy, helping customers in the process of making their systems more secure.

Vulnerability assessment: identifying the key risks

When should you use it? If a system has not yet been tested, it is worth starting with a vulnerability test, and if the business has a smaller budget, this type of test will provide the most added value.

Vulnerability testing is another important tool in the field of IT security. This method focuses on identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system. The goal of a vulnerability assessment is to identify errors and weaknesses that could pose potential risks to the security of the system.

Our experts work closely with their clients at the vulnerability assessment stage, helping them to understand and prioritise the defects identified. These types of investigations can help companies better prepare for potential cyber-attacks.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking, or 'white hat hacking', is an activity in which professionals deliberately try to penetrate a system in order to expose its vulnerabilities. The aim is for ethical hackers to help companies strengthen their defences and prevent real cyber attacks.

Régens Plc's ethical hackers have specific expertise and tools to simulate real attacks. Our ethical hacking is not limited to penetration testing, but we are also actively involved in the remediation of identified vulnerabilities, supporting clients in the development or redevelopment process.

Ethical hacking and vulnerability assessment are complementary, both playing a key role in protecting IT systems. Regular testing and scanning helps companies prepare for and minimise the risks of increasing cyber-attacks. Improvements and innovations in IT security will enable companies to keep their valuable information and data secure and keep pace with new challenges.