Our Alrite speech recognition solution has been expanded with additional languages


The Alrite© application, which was first optimized for Hungarian, can already be used effectively for speech recognition in English and German, and a new version supporting Spanish will be released soon.

As a result of teachings on foreign language materials, we have succeeded in creating a speech recognition system that can transcribe and caption human speech in English and German in addition to Hungarian with outstanding accuracy. Alrite©'s web and mobile interfaces are available in both English and German, making the solution increasingly popular in the international market.

It is not necessary to create a separate account for speech recognition in English or German, speech recognition can be started from one account in all three languages. You can enter the language of the audio you want to dictate or upload before the speech recognition starts.

In the future, the solution will be available in other languages: first expanded to Spanish and then to French.

Automatic translation

In addition to recognizing foreign languages, a key feature of the application is the automatic translation, which allows users to translate the transcripts and captions after a specific audio material has been transcribed. Translation can be processed by the application between all three languages ​​in any direction. As one of the key areas of application of this function, we can create foreign language captions for our videos in seconds. As with speech recognition, we plan to expand the list of languages ​​available in the translation function in the future. 


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