Optimization of Vatera search engine


Dante International Kft


Custom solution



We have started the development process of Vatera search engine in 2017 by incorporating the Seekra search engine using artificial intelligence. There is a close cooperation between us to continuously optimize the search engine and to develop new features.


Vatera, as one of the country's largest sales portals faces several challenges compared to traditional online stores in order to achieve proper search experience and efficient search: such as indexing their product database changing minute by minute, managing custom product descriptions, or providing numerous filtering options.


Our intelligent search engine called Seekra has been incorporated to Vatera search engine taking custom demands into account. In addition to its many innovative features, the new search engine provides a solution to the biggest challenge: the same products have many different names and suffixes in the database, which worsens their searchability. Seekra search engine effectively increases conversion rates with the help of artificial intelligence by taking context into account to determine the word classes and the stem of the words, this way it can effectively identify words it has never met before. By interpreting the Hungarian language on a higher level, the search engine can create a more sophisticated ranking, which has a positive effect on the overall search experience.


Seekra search engine was initially launched on Vatera's mobile platforms, where it has already proved its benefits during the test period. In the first month after the installation, the number of purchases made on the portal increased by 14%, thanks to the listing of products that were significantly more relevant to user searches than before, thus finding the goods they were looking became faster.