Customs clearance IT solution for Lufthansa Technik


Lufthansa Technik Budapest Ltd.


Customs clearance


SAP integration, PowerBuilder, Oracle

Ordering, routing and tracking aircraft parts and components at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport were becoming increasingly time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks for Lufthansa Technik. They turned to Régens to develop a solution to aid their active processing, to support customs requirements, and to facilitate data-exchange with suppliers.


Régens as a professional service provider is at the frontline of innovation… A reliable and stable partner.

János Kendelényi

IT Manager
Lufthansa Technik Budapest Ltd.



Tracking and submitting accurate reports necessary for customs compliance, as well as providing relevant data to suppliers of Lufthansa Technik necessitated a new IT solution.


Fully automated customs administration system that keeps track of materials as they arrive and manages the necessary procedures associated with customs-paying obligations.


Since implementation, Lufthansa has been able to successfully reduce administrative costs, manage and schedule customs payments, as well as generate more accurate reports and registrations.

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