Internet-based Vehicle Tracking System for Hödlmayr AG


Hödlmayr Logistics Hungária Ltd.




C#, DB2, .NET, JSP

Régens created a unique GPS tracking solution for Hödlmayr AG to use it in its international logistics and shipping operations.


Ever since its development, the system provides added value to our services and our clients appreciate the company’s innovative character.

Péter Varga

Service Center Manager
Hödlmayr Logistics Hungária Ltd.



Hödlmayr needed an efficient real-time, user-friendly system where importers, dealers, employees and buyers could obtain information about the status and location of their cargo.


A web-based GPS tracking system to track cargo and shipments in real time implemented across 8 countries.


The fully integrated system has enabled Hödlmayr to offer real time tracking information to its stakeholders along the supply chain; resulting in cost-savings, increased customer satisfaction and streamlined data management.

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