A project about intelligent infrastructure management and maintenance.

Infralert is a Horizon 2020 project based on an international collaboration between seven members. We feel honoured that Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (which is the coordinator of the project) has also asked Régens to take part in the international consortium made up of IT experts and research institutions.

The aim of this challenging and exciting project is to develop an expert-based information system to support and automate linear infrastructure management from measurement to maintenance. This means that the system is able to collect the data of linear networks (e.g. roads or railways), and based on this data, it is also able to assess the condition of the given network, and make predictions about what kind of maintenance or renovation work is needed on it. This way the system ensures that the road or railway network is always in optimal condition, thus reducing the chance of errors.

Régens’ task is to develop a software framework based on Cloud technology, which links the components of the intelligent system together, and collects and evaluates the data coming from them. The software will also allow the many system operators to access relevant information, and intervene in the linear systems on an integrated platform.

Developments will be demonstrated in two real-world pilots: a railway network in Sweden and a road network in Portugal, but based on this system, the technology can be used on any linear network (e.g. water or gas pipes) by applying a few modifications.


railway network
road network