INFRALERT meeting in Dresden: we are at the finish line

The latest consortium regarding the INFRALERT project took place from 6 to 8 February in Dresden.

The aim of the Horizon 2020 project  INFRALERT launched in 2015, is to create an IT system (a so-called eIMS) which is able to make predictions and create maintenance plans regarding the given system or part of the system based on data collected from the evaluation of existing road or railway systems. We have the opportunity to work with valued partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute, the University of Seville or the Infraestruturas de Portugal within the framework of the project.


The project has reached its final stage, since it will presumably be completed this April. The main aim of this meeting in Dresden was to finalise the internal data workflow of the eIMS with our partners. Régens’ role in the project bears great importance, because the eIMS developed by our colleagues gives a framework to the integration of the intelligent modules made by our partners; it also defines and manages the internal workflow; it keeps in touch with the data farm; and it is responsible for GUI implementation.

We are proud that our partners acknowledge the expert role of Régens in the project, and find our work exemplary.

Soon we are going to demonstrate the realisations of the project aims to experts and those who are interested within the framework of a pilot at an open workshop in Vienna; the demonstration will include actual KPI data.


And what does the future hold? We honestly hope that we will able to take advantage of the experience gained throughout the project, and will have the opportunity to take part in other Horizon 2020 or different EU projects with our current or even new partners.

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