In which business areas are beneficial to use a speech-to-text API?

2022/ 21/02

The everyday use of an AI speech-to-text tool is no longer just the future, it is available and can be used effectively by any business in a wide range of business areas. We have put together a recommendation of practical applications of speech-to-text technology.


Using live captions on media broadcasts, streaming live online videos with captions increases the accessibility of live web or broadcast contents. By the speech to text API’s automatic translation additional function, translated captions applied on live shows can break down language barriers and reach a wider audience internationally.

Events and conferences, education

Displaying automatic live captions on a screen of lectures, presentations of conferences or on online (seminar) videos generated by a speech- to text solution increases the accessibility of lectures, webinars, and events with real-time streaming. By automatically saving the content including the generated text as a transcript, the resulted notes can be shared with participants as information material, and it also greatly support the preparation for students and professors.

Customer services and call centres - call analysis

Automatic transcription of recorded calls helps businesses improve customer service performance and quality of service. By using a tool that automatically generates text from speech, agents' work can be supported, and their performance can be measured easier. Audio- and transcription pairs gives an opportunity to analyse calls in detail, quantifying the most common issues. Recordings of cases and processes and the automatically generated transcripts can be used as internal training material. Efficiency can be further increased by implementing a sentiment analysis API, which technology can detect customer emotions and attitudes during the call, the valuable information can be used to learn more about how customers feel about a product or service.

Built-in virtual assistance

Smart cars and home devices are becoming more and more widespread, and many units can be controlled by voice commands. Implementing an extended development of a speech to text solution can help trigger certain actions by voice commands.

Real-time voice typing, draft creating

A speech-to-text API can increase workflow and document creation efficiency by replacing time-consuming typing tasks and it also provides businesses with a tool to support employees and ensure an accessible digital work environment.  A live dictation solution facilitates the instant digitization of spoken speech and promotes business continuity outside the office, even on the go.


No matter what the product or service customers use, they expect fast and efficient support. In response to this demand, live customer support is becoming increasingly important in all business areas. A speech-to-text API can be used to create a customer support system that provides a more convenient and accessible way of communication between customers and agents.

Alrite speech-to-text API

Régens’ self-developed Alrite speech-to-text solution is a highly efficient tool for businesses that can automatically generate punctuated, highly accurate text from heard speech in seconds, with speaker differentiation. Alrite speech recognition can now recognize English, German, Spanish and Hungarian speech with up to 90-95% accuracy on common vocabulary. In addition to transcript text, it automatically generates time-coded captions from audio and video material and translates them to other languages, providing extensive functionality to support businesses in documenting meetings, creating articles and online media content which can reach international audiences.

Alrite's speech-to-text streaming API generates captions from live speech. With the Alrite live streaming API, online meetings and presentations can be made accessible, and the automatically generated text can be used to create a summary report or even training material. Converting recorded calls into text in call centers and implementing a solution with sentiment analysis can help businesses to improve their service quality. Alrite's dictating solution eliminates the time-demanding typing tasks, speeding up workflows, whether it's producing content, writing a report, or "typing" an email with voice. 

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