Improve your call centre with speech recognition technology

2020/ 02/09

Day by day, lots of valuable information pass through call centres and customer services, from which only a small percent gets processed. But by analysing the information, you can gain numerous advantages for your company, and can make the work of call centre agents and colleagues easier and smoother. It is possible to analyse, order and utilise data in several ways and from different aspects, but one thing is for sure: speech recognition technology makes your lives simpler.


Speech recognition systems are able to generate the transcript of a conversation in one or more languages, from a recorded file or at real time, and with this, they can increase the productivity and efficiency of work in several scopes, so the application of them is useful in call centres and customer services. They can be perfectly integrated for recording voice calls, as they are able to separate background noise from voice and can also detect the voice of different speakers, so in the transcript of the speech, the speakers are clearly distinct. 

At most companies it is worth focusing more and more energies on improving the call centre’s productivity and efficiency, because that is where the customers and the company can directly communicate. The efficiency of communication affects and influences the customer’s opinion and satisfaction, so it has an impact on the company’s long-term achievements. The helpful and prepared call centre agents’ work is really decisive, that is why helping and developing them is important and rewarding. So, with the usage of speech recognition technology you can earn multiple benefits, which we will tell you in details in the followings.

Make your agents’ work smoother

A lot of call centre agents’ job includes taking notes during phone calls, which means a lot of data on hundreds of calls every day and this is not only tiring but also weary. These notes, and collected data can only be sorted and ordered manually, which is harder and more time-consuming than doing it with a program which is set up for the task. Speech recognition systems can transcribe the phone call at real time or at the end of the call, with which they can replace taking notes. Besides this, the software programmes are able to sort the dialogues by given keywords and phrases, which simplifies the storage and arrangement of information. Added to all these, the transcripts are easily searchable, so from personal information through reviews, they can find anything the agents need just in a few seconds.

Learn about your customers

The modern speech recognition technology can collect many basic information about the speakers, which helps you to get to know your customers better. From the voice tones, the software concludes the age and gender. Having this information, you can form and personalise the advertisements, services and create an image which truly represents your brand and customers, or you can even broaden your audience. From the intonation, the software can tell the customer’s mood, if they are satisfied, happy or irritated. The programme can match the recognised mood to the conversation, which gives a hint for the agents on how to continue the dialogue, depending on the situation, plus this information can also help you to categorise and order the calls, and to analyse them later.

Improve your company by the summarized customer experiences

With speech recognition programmes, after transcribing the speech, the keywords and phrases of the text can be collected and summarised. Accurately using this function, you can get information about products, services and the problematic items can be easily identified and corrected. Besides this, by using the technology you can get an insight to purchasing patterns, and with that knowledge you can put together special offers, or can start a sale at the best time, based on the interest of customers.

See why your customers are calling

After summarising the transcript of phone calls, through the keywords you can see why the customers are calling, and based on that, you can serve their needs better and also improve your company’s more problematic parts by considering the reviews. Added to these, the customers who need special attention can be identified by the transcripts, and can be treated another way, separately, with more attention in the future.

Help your agents improve by using speech recognition

The transcripts of conversations can show a perfect example for a future agent or even for an experienced customer service worker. Agents can learn from an excellent transcript, or can see upcoming situations at the first hand. Call centre agents get a view of themselves by reading the transcripts and can also improve from that. Rapid, efficient and helpful agents make a long-lasting impression on customers.

Protect your customers’ and company’s data

By the application of a speech recognition system it is possible to protect the conversation’s data and transcripts from getting into a third hand. For the maximum protection of sensitive business data, you need to deploy the programme on your own enterprise infrastructure (on-premises), so you can convert speech into text without sending it to the cloud and the information stays inside the company.

Source: VCCLive, VoiceBase