How to increase the efficiency of Home Office and hybrid working?

2021/ 07/10

Now we'll share the 3 most important reasons why you should record your meetings and turn them into a searchable and translatable text automatically in minutes.

Over the last year and a half, the way we used to work has been completely transformed. As well as changing the way we live, our workplaces have had to adapt. Large companies have typically moved to full remote working (home office), while medium-sized and smaller organizations are experimenting with hybrid working.

Interviews and meetings have been relocated to the online platforms replacing the face-to-face meetings. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack applications have become the new way of hiring and virtual meeting rooms.

More than ever before, it is a challenge to effectively complete and monitor tasks and to communicate internally between remote teams. But getting the message across has never been more important.

How can teams stay connected and keep up? 

An AI-based speech recognition application, such as Alrite©, can help overcome Home Office barriers and achieve more effective collaboration.

1. Accurate messages quickly, efficiently

No one likes to take notes of meetings. It is not an easy task to keep track of meetings, to take accurate notes and to send the text to the people involved at the end of the meeting. To be on the safe side, to write down all the specifics of the meeting, one has to listen back to the recording a few times, but this is very time-consuming.

Whether the meeting was recorded in Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Slack, it can be uploaded to the user-friendly Alrite© interface and converted into text with a few clicks. The resulting transcript can be shared with the meeting participants, and with those who were unable to attend the meeting, and staff for whom accessibility to information is essential.

2. Reusable content

Whether it's an internal meeting, a webinar program or interview, turning media content into written text has huge potential for creating publishable content. The generated transcripts can be used as new content and with a few adjustments, a meeting can be turned into as e-notes or used as newsletter in a matter of seconds, an interview into a blog post.

3. Tracking, monitoring, development

In the secure, cloud based Alrite© speech recognition and transcription application, audio and transcripts of previous meetings are accessible at any time, depending on the level of the customisable access rights. You can search both the audio and the transcript, as well as all uploads.

Thanks to the complex search function, you can retrieve, read, and listen to key moments of the meeting in seconds, track project milestones, tasks completed and remaining assignments.
With Alrite©, you can share the audio file-text pair with stakeholders, download the audio in .mp3 format and the transcript in .docx format.

Alrite© can do even more:

With a solution that currently recognizes speech in English, German, Spanish and Hungarian, you can not only generate a transcript, but also captions that perfectly fits on videos with timings for accessibility.

The text of the transcripts can be edited directly in the application, so that any possible misrecognition can be corrected immediately.

In addition to uploading media files in wide range of formats, you can also use the app to generate captions of YouTube materials by simply pasting its’ URL link.

Transcripts and captions generated from files uploaded to Alrite© can be automatically translated into other languages (Hungarian - English - German) at the touch of a button, allowing you to share your discussions with your foreign partners or investors without language barriers.


Discover the benefits of Alrite© and make your business more successful in the digital world of Home Office.

Try our AI-based speech recognition application for free!

Speed ​​up your work with artificial intelligence! With the help of Alrite, you can easily create Hungarian transcriptions and video captions for dictated or previously recorded audio and video materials. The application offers the ability to store files, edit and share transcriptions and captions, and perform advanced search options.

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