How Captions help engagement on TikTok in 2022?

2022/ 05/09

Followers from all over the world are spending hours on various social media platforms every day, especially on video sharing apps like TikTok.  They are scrolling through a multitude of videos; it is quite difficult these days to really stand out with your content from the crowd. Here’s a tip for you that can help to reach a wider crowd with your content, including followers who prefer to watch videos on the go without sound and the ones with hard of hearing: Go viral by captioning your social media videos!

Customized burned-in captions not only support accessibility but the style of the captions like the colour and font type can make your content more recognizable by matching the captions to the color theme of the video while strengthening your brand as well.

How can you make burned-in captions for your TikTok videos in seconds with playful display?

Although TikTok doesn’t offer an easy way to upload captions with the video like YouTube or Facebook watch, we have some tips that will come in handy when you are adding captions to your videos in a quick & fun way. The Alrite speech recognition and transcribing application generates automated closed captions in seconds from audio and video files. It converts the speech into read-along text and captions by file upload or through simply pasting the link of the selected online video (YouTube, Facebook, TikTok).

Follow these 5 simple steps to create your unique burned-in captions fast:

  1. Upload your video or simply paste an online link to your Alrite account 
  2. The speech recognition app converts the speech in TikTok video (also available for YouTube and Facebook watch contents) in seconds into text
  3. Listen & edit in-app the resulted text and the timecodes of the captions if necessary
  4. Unleash your imagination: choose from a wide variety of fonts and colours (both font colour, line colour and background colour can be given with opacity options) 
  5. Download the video with burned-in captions in .mp4 and upload to your TikTok account 

Try out the basic functions of Alrite for free, then subscribe to the Plus or Premium package to get access to close captioning & burned-in captions.