The mobile app version of Alrite will be available soon


Would you do an interview but you can’t pay enough attention to your questions, to the respondent and to your notes at the same time? Do you feel tired of having to start writing articles afterwards, practically from scratch? Would you be glad if you did not have to carry your laptop or dictaphone all the time to make audio recordings, reminders, or notes? We have a solution that is no bigger than your pocket!

Nowadays, for popular web applications responsiveness is not the only requirement, users often prefer the native mobile application for easier and faster usability. Our development team is working hard to make the native application of AIrite artificial intelligence-based speech recognition available as soon as possible to those who would primarily use their mobile devices to record audios.


We are expecting to make the mobile app of Alrite available to our users for personal and business use in a few weeks. The app will be available on both iOS and then Android devices.

Are you interested in our application? Sign up for our free web app and we will notify you via email as soon as our mobile app becomes available!



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Speed ​​up your work with artificial intelligence! With the help of Alrite, you can easily create Hungarian transcriptions and video captions for dictated or previously recorded audio and video materials. The application offers the ability to store files, edit and share transcriptions and captions, and perform advanced search options.

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