Customized online subscription service for QFD Engineering Consulting Ltd.


QFD Engineering Consulting Ltd.


Custom solution


Java, Spring, Typescript, Angular, MySQL

The aim of the project was to design and develop a customized web application for QFD Engineering Consulting Ltd., that supports process management and the management of customer specific requirements (CSRs) as an online subscription service. The application helps companies plan, operate and control their management systems by providing professional guides, materials and useful information for accessing and editing.


QFD Ltd. has been able to expand its product range with an application that provides a unique solution to the structured design of a management system that meets the quality management standards and customer-specific requirements adopted in the automotive industry. It helps organizations identify and evaluate risks and manage their processes and customer requirements. During the project Régens handled the constantly changing and expanding needs flexibly, resulting a multi-module and level-based application that provides a great flexibility for customers as well, while providing a user-friendly logical use.

András Viktor Szabó

Executive Director
QFD Engineering Consulting Ltd.



The planned functionality of the web application has gradually evolved during the project and has been subject to several modifications, thus within the project the following tasks became of great significance: business process planning in cooperation with the client and in parallel with the development; user experience and user interface design for finalized business processes.


The continuous design and development of the web application, the module-based implementation was managed using agile methodology in close cooperation with the experts of QFD Engineering Consulting Ltd. Agile methodology provided the opportunity of implementing new modules and new features during the project based on real user feedback and needs.


As a result of the development, a state-of-the-art, mobile-optimized online subscription service was created that can be easily accessed through The application became a modular system that can be used via self service for clients thanks to automated order processes (Billingo integration, credit card payment by OTP Simplepay), sophisticated user permissions and business procedures that need no interaction from administrators.