Improving warehouse management process for GYSEV CARGO






PowerBuilder, Oracle, SAP integration, .NET, barcode scanner

GYSEV CARGO chose Régens as its IT solutions provider and partner in developing a modern, user-friendly, and efficient system for the management of its warehousing operations.


The company offers complex logistics solutions next to railway transport services. A new 6600 m2 warehouse was built in the Logistics Services Centre in Sopron in 2010 because of the increased warehousing demand. However, with this huge additional storage facility, they needed a more efficient way to track, manage, and move stock and cargo.


A sophisticated IT system was built that automates warehousing processes. Seamless integration of logistics modules to one another and existing SAP frameworks was executed.


Thanks to the new IT system, GYSEV CARGO can offer more complex and accurate warehousing services to its customers. The company can fill the customers’ demands and requirements better with this improved customer service, ensuring GYSEV CARGO’s status as also an excellent logistics provider and warehousing company. The system also includes barcode tracking and management, so that all material entering and leaving the warehouse can be seen in real time, providing more accurate information about stock availability to GYSEV CARGO- and also more detailed information and invoicing for their customers.