Enhance your teaching workflow - automatic transcription for lecturers and researchers

2022/ 10/08

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be if you could create handouts or write your academic paper without typing? Transcribing and captioning automatically from speech have a lot of advantages in education. Creating lecture notes in minutes and establishing archives of audio and video materials, while converting them searchable text can greatly increase productivity and saves valuable time.

Lecture notes and interview processing in minutes

Creating notes automatically is possible in various ways. You can generate text by direct dictation, file upload and online video (E.g. YouTube, Facebook or TikTok) processing as well. Implementing such solution into your workflow saves lots of time when processing audio or video material, among the media-text library you can later easily search for future references.

Create accessible learning material

With automatic transcripts you can support the learning process of students with disabilities and help increasing equal opportunities in education. 
In distance education it is highly beneficial to create and record lecture material in advance to give students the fulfilling experience of learning in the classroom.

Besides transcribing, you can add captions to your webinar videos, making your online lecture accessible for everyone, regardless their learning styles.

You can export captions with an .srt extension or download the video with customizable burned-in captions.

How does Alrite innovate education?

Alrite is already being used by different higher education institutions with satisfaction. With it’s easy to use interface Alrite can help educators, researchers and students effectively by turning audio and video material into editable and translatable simple text (notes), closed captions and burned-in captions in seconds. The faculty accounts’ multi-level authorization system can accommodate unlimited number of users without extra charge.

As an additional service, Alrite is also available as a real-time transcription service for educational institutions and faculties. The solution enhances the delivery of information and increases comprehension for recipients and ensures accessibility real-time.

Here is how to use Alrite in 3 easy steps:

  1. Record or Upload your video or audio file
  2. Review & edit the resulted text
  3. Export and share with your colleagues or students

Try Alrite for free and get in touch with us to help you prepare educational materials faster and more efficiently