The eDIGIREGION project, under the FP7 Programme, is a thirty-six month initiative to increase regional competitiveness via research-driven clusters in the technology domain. 

The regions represented in this project are (1) Southeast Ireland, (2) Central Hungary, (3) Bucharest-Ilfov, Romania, and (4) Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. It is based on the triple helix to plan, design, and implement an ecosystem of research, innovation, creativity, and exploitation of research results at the regional level.  The end result will be a dynamic set of tools and methodologies that will enable regions to generate an inclusive, sustainable, living region-specific Regional Digital Agenda tailored by each region’s stakeholders to embrace specific needs and “smart specializations.” 

Régens’ role in the project is to act as a representative organization from the Central Hungarian region, and to lead research on the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of regional innovation ecosystems, in order to focus on their capacity to produce knowledge and transfer it into novel products, services and processes.

Find more information on the website of eDIGIREGION project.


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