Cloud computing trends for 2020 and how companies can prepare for them

2019/ 18/11

Cloud computing was one of the key technologies defining great progress over the last decade, but we can say it is still in its infancy. Its significance will definitely increase in 2020, therefore companies should prepare for the changes in the technology.


Containerization will be in the spotlight

A container is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software that includes everything needed to run an application: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and settings. This special virtualization method offers a way to execute the container without having an operation system on the infrastructure used. The lower costs of the infrastructure needed favores every company. These advantages mentioned are started to be recognized by company leaders, therefore a wider spread of the technology is expected in 2020.

Edge computing becomes the preferred cloud technology

Cloud computing can be defined the simplest as a centralized data centre remotely running plenty of physical servers. Edge computing is still considered as cloud, but its infrastructure is divided into several locations. Contrary to centralized cloud, edge has the advantage of being physically closer to the user, therefore it can provide a better bandwidth and smaller latency. Companies mainly relying on cloud technologies are starting to fill their computing power and storage needs with edge solutions mainly because of the above advantages. This trend will probably strengthen in 2020, which is predicted to trigger a 50% market growth in edge computing services. In certain cases, the usage of edge computing can lead to smaller costs, therefore it is advised to consider its application even for companies, who just partially use such services.

Open source solutions will stay the most cost-effective

Open source solutions are becoming more and more favoured, as they can drastically speed up the digital transformation of companies. As it is getting harder to manage complex work processes and cloud is more and more widespread, we can say that the usage of open source technologies is a must. Besides cost-effectiveness they make it easier to react the ever changing work environment and its operations.  Open source paves way for the rapid construction of new digital services. Since these solutions are developed by several people and they are usually re-designed several times, there is better customer experiences and an enhanced quality of service too. According to a study made in 2019, 60% of companies make use of some kind of open source technology, and there are enterprises with whole infrastructures with open source basis. In 2020 open source technologies are expected to grow parallel with cloud technologies.

Source: Forrester, ITProPortal, DCD

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