Automatic transcription with time stamps: the gamechanger in market research and interviewing

2022/ 29/07

Marked timestamps in the text generated by speech recognition software means matching the text with the audio or video recording processed and inserting timestamps per paragraph automatically. 

For whom is the timestamped transcript format essential?

Market research and interviews take a lot of time to process. It is extremely time-consuming to turn recordings into text and then into measurable, publishable material. This is where the Alrite's speech recognition solution comes in - it automatically converts speech in media into readable-editable-downloadable text, whether it's in English, German, Spanish or Hungarian. In addition, the application translates the transcript and the captions to other languages with a single click.

Timestamped transcripts (a written version of speech in audio or video) make interviews, coach visits easier to process by eliminating long hours of typing, through showing timestamps of the key phrases were uttered in the conversation. Such timestamped text can be an excellent tool for psychologists, market researchers and other professionals who process conversations and interviews in their work and don't want to spend long hours taking notes.

Tailored to business needs

Business subscribers of the multi-functional Alrite speech recognition and transcribing application can automatically transcribe and caption audio or video in different languages and download the resulted transcripts with or without timings. 

Try the basic features of Alrite for free and become our business subscriber to take advantage of the services available only in business accounts.