Are you looking for a solution to caption large video files?


Sometimes you may need to transcribe or caption videos larger than 1 GB, but due to the upload limit of speech to text portals, this is often not possible. With the new version of Alrite, you can now upload videos up to 4 GB in size, and you can process high-resolution videos for social media without sacrificing the high image quality of your videos.

1. Upload and keep large or high resolution videos

If you have videos larger than 1 GB to process or you need to keep the high resolution of them for burned-in captions, just simply click in the checkbox before uploading the video. 

With Plus and Premium package, now you can process larger videofiles (up to 4 GB) and store 3 of these at the same time.

Are you aiming for higher quality captioned videos to post on your social platforms? Alrite will make sure to keep the best possible resolution of your video  (up to 4K), so you don't have to sacrifice good picture quality when burning in your captions.


2. Process high resolution social media videos

s the video available on TikTok, YouTube or Facebook watch that you want to generate captions for? The function is available in the social media menu too! By selecting this function, the system will search for the best available resolution in the platform that is just under 4 GB before processing.

3.  New language available! 

We are continuously monitor market needs when developing new features and speech recognition languages to increase user satisfaction. We are happy to announce that we have made Dutch available!

Let's check it out!