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Régens’ artificial intelligence based speech recognition system is becoming increasingly popular among its users. Try it for yourself!

Our fundamental goal at Régens is to effectively support our clients in shaping their IT strategy according to the constantly changing business environment and to speed up their digital transformation. Our latest innovation is an AI-based speech recognition solution optimized for the Hungarian language, which is an effective tool to accelerate daily work. 

Régens Alrite


The application's clean interface and extensive functionality make all activities easier in which typing is a time-consuming daily task. Transcription can be created by direct dictation in the application, or by uploading previously recorded audio or video files. It is possible to edit the created transcripts in the application, the amendments can be saved while also accessing the original text, moreover the text and the audio can be exported in .docx and .mp3 formats. The solution identifies proper nouns, automatically uses small and capital letters and manages sentence boundaries and punctuation.

There are practically endless possible uses of the application. The most typical and widely popular use cases are the following:

  • Creation of interview transcripts and meeting reminders

  • Subtitle generation for audio and video files timed to milliseconds

  • Creation of text transcript of phone conversations

  • Simultaneously searching in vast amount of audio files

You can learn more about the advantages of our application on Alrite’s page.

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