Agile sprint session planning and the AI technology in 2021

2021/ 04/11

How to enhance the Agile project management strategy with speech recognition?

Sprint planning is the essence of the Agile perspective, a collaboration of the whole team. The aim of sprint planning is to define and set short-term goals, decide what and how it can be delivered in the sprint. This approach to project management has been used in different fields - especially in the software development sector - and it is here to stay.

“Agile is winning” - Why is it still popular?

- Quality: projects divided into elements helps putting the focus on the quality of collaborative work

- The focus is on the client’s needs: realize customer and business value 

- Cross-functional teams: cost efficient, more learning and value

- Flexibility: possibility for combining methods, reorganizing, and rethinking actions

- Predictability of expenses and delivery time: fixed duration, costs are limited to a number of tasks

- Transparency: clients can be involved in a project, possibility of early feedback and edits if needed

How can AI technology boost the sprint’s productivity in different stages in 2021?

Using a speech recognition application such as Alrite© can help teams to concentrate on the actual work process and make it more trackable. 

1.    Sprint planning meeting:

Bring Alrite© (available in webapp and as an iOS or Android mobile application) for the next sprint planning and by recording then uploading the meeting. The application creates a text document in minutes - saving you from the time-consuming typing - then share it with the collaborative team members and even with your clients if they are involved in the process – it is always important to know where you have started.

2.    Daily standups:

Generate transcript of the meetings, see how the process evolves, read and analyze where the barriers are to overcome them.

3.    Sprint review:

The text generated by a speech recognition solution can help the team going through the steps of the sprint and review how the planned tasks have been executed.

4.    Retrospective:

After each sprint, the closing part is the documentation, that usually takes a lot of valuable time. With searchable media- and text pair archives of Alrite©, creating internal and external reports to clients or stakeholders has never been this easy.

Elevate the productivity of your sprint planning process and enhance the agile project management strategy with speech recognition.

Register and try out Alrite© for free with a 1-hour time credit (plus 30 mins each month) and discover the wide functionality of the application.


Source: ScrumAllience, Extreme Uncertanity

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