Robotic Process Automation - What it is and how to benefit from it

2020/ 14/07

The usage of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software programs became widespread and really popular for companies in the last decade. ERP systems make an organization’s internal communication easier, they simplify and synchronize work progresses and also automatize routine tasks.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is closely related to ERP systems, but its application can also be useful in itself. RPA technology is actively developing just as the technology of ERP software programs, and because of the developments, RPA can be applied in more and more fields of work, but the main concept is eternal: a software robot automatically does given processes of work instead of people. The application of robotic process automation can provide many advantages to you and your company, which we will show you in details below.

What exactly is robotic process automation?

RPA software programs basically automatize a labor process for example in a company. They emulate the actions of humans and execute the processes automatically. With this help, the given tasks do not need to be fulfilled by the employees, because instead of them, a software robot completes those. This may sounds daunting, but there is no need to worry, human workforce is still going to be essential beside the application, because RPA software robots are not intelligent on their own, they can only complete the given tasks.

With the usage of RPA software programs, anyone can deploy a software robot in order to substitute processes that once required human action. The technology can be applied in many scopes of activities, and in a wider and wider range, thanks to the continuous improvements. Robotic process automation can provide a perfect alternative for the completion of daily, monotonous, repetitive and time consuming tasks. By means of this, employees can focus on the accomplishment of more meaningful and creative work.

What kind of tasks can be done with robotic process automation?

There are a lot of different process automation software robots, which can execute many really different processes. Some typical scopes include logging into systems with an ID, entering data, copying and pasting data between documents and sites and also IT supporting tasks such as password resetting, system monitoring and data reconciliation. Added to all these, they can make calculations or can make financial reports, but they are also capable of doing any other rule-based, standardized tasks.

What are the benefits of the application of RPA?

Accelerate workflow and save time with RPA

With the application of robotic process automation, a given task—for instance copying data from a document and pasting them into an Excel table—is automatically done by a software robot. It knows exactly where from and where to extract the data, therefore the action is done in a few seconds, without any doubts. The same movement takes more time for the employees and it is neither too enjoyable, nor a grateful task. All in all, the usage of RPA saves time for the workers, so that they have more time to do meaningful work, while the repetitive work processes are done in a few seconds by a software robot.

Make task fulfillment more predictable with RPA

By using RPA software programs, the given tasks are completed by software robots instead of people, and the robots’ pace of work is more predictable than humans’, plus their workflow is smoother because of the automation. They do not get tired in contrast with the employees, so they don’t need pauses in their work. They do not make mistakes, because they complete the tasks continuously and steadily, guided by straight rules. Besides these, their workflow can be supervised and followed, you can check on them anytime, and if necessary, you can intervene. You can always rely on the RPA software programs if you want to improve the success of your company.

Improve consumer experience by using RPA

With the application of RPA, the productivity and quality of work develops, the number of mistakes and chances of mistakes decrease. And with the automation of monotonous and low-value tasks, the mood at work gets better in circles of the employees, they can concentrate their energies on important and valuable tasks. Through the less mistakes and more satisfied workforce, the satisfaction of consumers can also improve.

How to get started with robotic process automation?

RPA can be extremely useful to all companies, from smaller organizations to multinational enterprises. It can make them more successful, so it is always worth starting the application of RPA. Added to all this, process automation is also a good solution because it doesn’t require expensive IT investments and there is no need to make changes in existing systems, the operation of the robot can perfectly be implemented into the functioning of the company.

When implementing the RPA technology, first you have to identify and prioritize the tasks that are capable of automatization, then with the help of a software you have to define a series of instructions which are going to be followed by a software robot in the future. Our colleagues can lead you through the secrets of RPA from the implementation phase to the follow-up phase with their professional knowledge and accuracy, and with that, the advantages of RPA can be experienced as soon as possible. If the employees and workers are skeptical with automation, or they think they will lose their job, try integrating automation step-by-step, applying it in more and more scopes of activities. They will probably enjoy the benefits of the application of robotic process automation in a short while.