10 Best Productivity Apps

2021/ 02/07

The past year brought many challenges which have also affected the work and efficiency of people, so some of you may need a little boost to get back to being productive, or may not, anyways, a bit of extra motivation is never useless. In this article, we have put together the 10 most useful productivity-enhancing apps that can help you get the most out of your time and increase the efficiency of your work. 



Today’s best productivity boosting solutions are definitely the speech recognition and dictation ones. Our most creative thoughts are born in rich environment or on the way, and certainly not at a work desk. When you don’t have a pen, a noter or similar with yourself, or you cannot make notes while driving, the Alrite© application is always and anywhere ready for use. It’s worth mentioning too that the amount of paperwork can be moderated significantly with Alrite©, which is important because paperwork can reduce productivity by almost 40%. When the amount of many hours’ monotonous work is lowered, consequently the remaining time can be used more productively. Moreover, it’s a proven fact that by recording, our concentrating level can rise therefore it’s perfectly applicable for brainstorming meeting sessions. In addition, since it’s not crucial to stop unnecessarily for making notes constantly, we can find solutions in a more effective and productive way. 


Yac is primarily a voice messaging app that helps you stay in touch with your colleagues, even by sharing only one user account. Voice messaging makes communication easier, faster and more personal, plus you can send the messages at any time, so you can easily talk to your coworkers without having to arranging a meeting and without having to consider time zones and working hours. The app shows who has already opened the voice messages and detached screen records, so this way you can always know who has received your messages. With Yac, communication becomes more flexible, which can even increase the productivity of the entire team. It can be installed on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android systems.  


Trello is a useful and popular choice for coordinating, dividing and managing workflow, both for smaller tasks and larger projects. You can even share the interface with your coworkers and organize the work together on your Trello board, using lists and cards that make it easy to visualize tasks, deadlines, and priorities. You can also add to-do lists, links, and files to your spreadsheet, so you can display all the important information in one place, and create task assignments, calendars and productivity tables. The design also makes it easier to follow the tasks, for example by systematically using different colors or highlighting deadlines, you can see the current state of the project or teamwork at a glance. Trello also has several features that allow you to customize the interface, and can integrate other applications, e.g. Dropbox, GitHub, OneDrive into the workflow. It can be used on the web, on Android, iOS and Windows.


No matter how much time you spend on the internet, there will always be an article, file, video that you don’t have time for, so you open the link in a new tab, maybe add a bookmark or save it somewhere, but in many cases you’ll never find them again. The Pocket app offers a solution to this problem: you can systematically store links, articles and videos within the app, and you can also save them for offline viewing later. You can save not only from your browser, but also directly from more than 1500 applications, which allows you to store files from many different platforms in one place. The application is compatible with Android and iOS. 


Hey is an email service that was inspired by our everyday emailing habits. The platform is obvious to use and really practical, which can save you a lot of time and energy. One main feature is that when you receive an email from someone for the first time, you can decide whether to let it in to your inbox. With this, it is almost effortless to block spam and unwanted emails. In addition to these, emails can be categorized, and the subject of incoming mail can be renamed, making it easier to search for messages. The different views and setups of Hey and the well-transparent platform also help you to quickly run through the emails. It is compatible with all kinds of operating systems as an application, and also available on the web.


Tot is a note-taking application that provides a perfect interface for writing down your ideas, thoughts, and tasks, or perhaps copy-pasting a snippet of text from somewhere, even in a hurry. Its greatness lies in its simplicity: it contains seven different, color labeled sheets and basic text formatting tools, so the sheets can be considered as digital sticky notes. The color labels help you memorize and separate the notes, and the limited number of sheets can save you from having too much on your plate at a time, which can help you stay productive. The application can be installed on macOS and iOS.  


The LightPad online app functions as a motivational calendar, where you can add tasks to each day and can even sync it with Google Calendar. Unlike the standard calendars, this app lays out the days and weeks in space, along a continuous line, so the months can be viewed by sliding, which allows you to see clearly what event or task is next. The background is optional, all the colors are calming, and the tasks for each day are represented by small dots. Using LightPad can help you keep track of your tasks, and the aesthetic look of this calendar can contribute to staying balanced and motivated at work. It can be installed on Android and iOS. 

8.Liquid Text 

Liquid Text is a document management app that allows you to easily edit and view pdf files. It's like holding a paper in your hand, you can comment on margins, highlight words, but can also insert snippets or images. What makes it really useful is that you can view multiple documents together, and can also link them together. With a single click, you can select related parts in different documents or pages and mark the relationship of the contexts. With a unique visualization, it is easy to see connections and the most important information as a whole, which could give new insights, and above all, it is a great energy and time saver. Liquid Text runs on iPadOS, Windows and Mac operating systems.  


Asana is an online project management application that makes it easy to keep up with deadlines, assign tasks, and track workflows. With Asana, you can store all the information and tasks you need at one place in digital format, and can also share them with your coworkers, so they can view and edit them. By applying it, teamwork can become much more efficient and the number of meetings can also be significantly reduced. The platform is clear and customizable with optional themes and schemes. You can manage multiple projects at the same time, can group and organize them, and with the proper application of Asana, you can stay focused and save a lot of time and energy. The app can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems. 

10.Oh Bother 

Oh Bother is a very simple application with which your coworkers or any of your contacts can see when you are available or when not to bother you. You can choose from several statuses to tell if you are currently available or not, and if not, for how long. By using Oh Bother at work, your colleagues won’t disturb you during meetings or on vacation, so you can stay focused and take advantage of every minute of your time. The app can be installed on iOS.  


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