AWS Cloud operations, cybersecurity, ITIL methodology

We help you keep up with the ever-changing IT needs through an unconstrained, dynamic infrastructure.

Régens' AWS cloud services are in line with international trends and are also both cost-effective and highly scalable solutions to help our partners grow their business.

As an IT company, we believe that a reliable foundation built on technology (such as our SaaS solutions) improves business operations by increasing efficiency, transparency and supporting data-driven decision making, among other things.


AWS cloud services

Flexible and scalable solutions

AWS services

IT operations

Responsible operation and development of IT systems

IT operations

IT consulting

Improve your work efficiency in all SaaS, PaaS, IaaS environments

IT consulting

Dell distribution

Reliable tools with Dell quality

Dell distribution

IT security

Taking business cyber security to the next level

IT security

24/7 it helpdesk

24/7 felügyeletet és támogatást kínálunk

24/7 IT helpdesk

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Szabolcs Varga

Head of Department


Sándor Gyenes

Cloud Team Leader, System Engineer

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Zsolt Hovanetz

Senior System Engineer


Ágnes Heckenast

Business Development Manager


Peter Németh

System Administrator


Sámson Valentin Varga

System Engineer

About us

Régens IT Solutions is a Budapest-based team of IT experts with a mission to contribute to the development of the IT world in an innovative way.

We design, install, maintain, and consult on IT systems. Cyber security and reliability are two of the most important goals in the design of our services and systems, which is one of the reasons why we offer AWS cloud hosting as part of our wide range of services. From design to implementation and operation, we provide our customers with a full range of competences.

To gain knowledge and experience, our team regularly attends professional training courses. We believe it is essential to continuously improve our IT skills and adopt the latest technologies. Hence, we are able to offer high level of competence in all PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS environments.

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It's amazing when companies move from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, they typically reduce carbon emissions by 88%. Organizations typically use 84% less energy and 28% more electricity from renewable sources compared to their own data centers.

AWS cloud services

Why we recommend the AWS cloud solutions?

  • Ensure the highest level of data and cyber security
  • Make daily work more efficient with an adaptive system
  • Ensure corporate development with scalable IT infrastructure
  • Rapid troubleshooting
  • Minimize human resources

Business and information security is of paramount importance for any business. Everyone wants their business secrets and data to be as safe as possible. AWS follows very strict guidelines to maintain data and cyber security.

It's quick and easy to create mobile and web applications for supporting your day-to-day work. Furthermore, managed services make them very simple to operate.

Most businesses want to add new services over time. In the age of digitalization, it goes without saying that the on-demand expansion and scalability of the IT infrastructure is essential. Cloud and SaaS infrastructure offers the possibility to flexibly expand back-office resources.

We can manage our servers from a simple, transparent central management interface. With the right services in AWS, it is faster and more efficient to identify the cause of potential failures and, if necessary, to remedy the consequences of them.

Using AWS cloud infrastructure also allows for a subscription service on a per-use basis, with proportional charging, and a much simpler operational environment, requiring fewer human resources. In today's labor-scarce market, this can be an important decision factor, as it can eliminate complex migration processes and costs. We can allocate the right systems for us on a centrally managed platform, with all other hardware maintenance tasks being done by AWS for us.

IT operations – Responsible development and operation of IT systems

Full or partial IT operations

We provide full or partial IT infrastructure management according to internationally recognized standards (ITIL), both on-site and in hybrid environments.

companies. These costs can be avoided with a fixed fee-based IT service that includes:

  • regular maintenance tasks,
  • fast and high-quality fault resolution,
  • operation or availability, both physically and online, up to 24/7

Centrally managed servers are more transparent, up-to-date, and easier to manage, both from an operational and user management perspective. This is why it is also possible to use our services in SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS environments.

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IT consulting – We help you work more efficiently!

How can Régens IT solutions help your business?

Our expert IT consulting team has extensive experience in designing and operating on-premises, cloud (AWS), and hybrid IT infrastructures.

We provide IT consulting services to answer questions about your IT environment, assess your needs and provide solutions for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS environments.

We can make users' daily work processes more efficient by applying internationally recognized standards (ITIL).

How can Régens IT solutions help your business?

  • By assessing your current infrastructure
  • By providing written recommendations for system enhancements
  • By carrying out further development and design of the system as required.
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Dell distribution – A reliable asset pool for your business

Forge competitive advantage with up-to-date hardware

With the ever-faster pace of technological development, it is becoming more costly every day to keep up with the times and to ensure that companies have the ideal modern hardware and software environment to run their business. However, it is important that companies catch up with the competition as much as they can.

We voted for Dell. They make our everyday work easier, they are easily expandable, they offer unrivalled reliability and the highest performance we can expect.

TIP: Obsolete devices have a long-term impact on productivity and pose a threat to data and cybersecurity. If your devices are no longer capable of working efficiently and quickly, and cannot be rotated within the company or scrapped as an option, it's worth exploring recycling options. These tools are already weak for the company's tasks, but may be perfect for learning purposes. By handing in a mobile phone that has been lying in a drawer for a long time, and taking batteries, hard drives and other hazardous waste to a collection point, recyclable parts can be given a new life.

IT security – Increasing cyber security for businesses

Taking business cyber security to the next level!

We provide a professional protection solution to prevent cyber-attacks and data loss. Our artificial intelligence-based tools help you secure your business, whether you are an SME or a multinational corporation.

Today, all companies have antivirus protection, but not all of them have the most effective. In the IT sector, attacks are becoming more complex, and their number is increasing daily, so it is very important to have the right anti-virus software. 

Attack forms are much more widespread than before. Criminals can also carry out file-less attacks using operating system tools. This is known as a polymorphic attack. The virus itself can create new versions of itself while retaining its original functionality, so signature-based scans by virus scanners fail at this point, as changes in functionality are no longer detected by many antivirus engines. This is why it is said that endpoint protection alone is not enough these days. 

Traditional antivirus solutions still help against many malwares, but this is less true for ransomware. Today, small- and medium-sized businesses are also victims of attacks that simple anti-virus software cannot protect against. We have tested several of the above software and found the one we currently use and can confidently recommend to our customers to increase their corporate cyber security.

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24/7 availability

We offer our contracted customers 24/7 monitoring and support

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Available in several service plans, we can even provide after-hours system monitoring for our customers. Our service is available to cover business-critical periods only, but we can also provide full 24-hour on-call support seven days a week.

We offer our 24/7 permanent services to customers who are working continuously, even overnight, and where an overnight outage can cause serious financial loss.

Technologies we excel at

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Régens provides continuous and reliable service with well-prepared consultants, and their technological competencies have conclusive force.

Attila Eipel

Siemens Zrt.

Régens as a professional service provider is at the frontline of innovation… A reliable and stable partner.

János Kendelényi

Lufthansa Technik Budapest Kft.

Our company has made the right decision when we chose the Régens cloud solutions. Their reliable service gives you security during your daily operation.

Tamás Gyűrűsi

Sanmina Magyarország Kft.

We can turn to Régens helpdesk with confidence with any of our problems. We usually receive a written feedback that they are working on the resolution of our issue within minutes. They help us to resolve our problems as soon as possible via email or phone if necessary. Their quick reaction is a great help to ensure a smooth material flow! We are thankful for their helpful attitude!

Rita Gácsi

Emerson Automation FCP Kft.

Why Régens?
The program is transparent and easy to use, they are at the forefront of developments, a helpful team both by email and phone, and they strive for quick problem solving.
The advantages of Régens cloud sharing: no need for a local server, up-to-date updates, maintenance, fast access.

Melinda Kerekes Majorosné

Advection Logtistics Kft.

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